LifeBotanica – Rare herbs from eastern Europe

Made with rare herbs from eastern Europe proven for centuries to rid your body
of life-robbing gunk that is keeping you plump, fogging your brain and slowing
you down!

What Is Detox Complete?
A complete life changing detoxification program based on a 200-year old European botanical formula that has improved and enriched the lives and health of many people throughout Europe!

Why does body detoxification matter?
The human body accumulates toxins over time due to a variety of environmental factors, such as diets, water, or even the air you breathe. These toxins may prevent your body from functioning as effectively as it should. Key herbs are a major benefit in supporting its vital functions at the glandular, cardiovascular, and digestive levels, and may help your body get stronger.

The key to eliminating toxins. But, in order to function effectively, your body has to eliminate those toxins. Body detoxification is the process of eliminating these toxins that have built-up, and Detox Complete is your best way to accomplish this.

Proven Formula for Complete Body Detoxification Detox Complete has proved to be a magical formula that contributes to your body’s detoxification (purification and cleansing). Detox Complete becomes extremely powerful when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

LifeBotanica Detox Complete Day Formula Benefits:

  • Exclusive herb formulation provides comprehensive full body detoxification support
  • Works to eliminate a range of harmful environmental and dietary toxins
  • Helps relieve temporary water retention, promote regularity and assist in weight loss+.

Lifebotanica Detoxcomplete – Night Formula Benefits:

  • Promotes optimal liver function
  • Enhances body’s natural cleansing process
  • Positively increases production of Glutathione, an extremely effective antioxidant made in the liver
  • Encourages the overall detoxification process, as well as the restoration of damaged liver cells+

Our bodies are responsible for the elimination of environmental toxins. A primary pathway for this detoxification is through the liver.

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You. T – A Clinically Proven Solution For Urinary Tract Health



Introducing You-T which naturally promotes urinary tract health. Just add one packet of You-T to 8oz. of water, stir to activate, and drink your way to better urinary tract health. It contains only 15 calories. You-T is all natural.

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Chi Innovations

Mission – To awaken the creative spirit by providing conscious minded solutions to create universal balance and wellbeing. Chi Innovations promotes improved quality of life for customers and our environment by focusing on core areas like health and the ecosystem. Transforming today’s abundance into tomorrows harmony.

Chi Bar is an all natural organic gluten free hand crafted energy bar. Designed to be an easily digestible snack bar that is a natural source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins naturally available in whole foods. Chi Bars come in four exotic mouth watering flavors.

Chi Barz are packaged in colorful foil film. There are 12 per carton, 12 cartons per master case. The cartons and cases packaging are made with recycled cardboard.

A rich assortment of organic super foods designed to satisfy the whole body. Chi Bar provides an explosion of flavor that is fun to eat. A true cross over bar for people seeking more out of their food than just nutrition. Chi Bars are a symphony of taste and texture that are enjoyable to eat. Chi Bar is available with Berry BerryCacoa CherryMango Ginger and Papaya Pineapple.

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12 Day – Advanced Epilobium Formula

Built from the ground up
The 12 Day™ product line is built from the ground up, starting with the plants they
harvest, generating its own seed (which includes seeds of different species) and
manufacturing using their patent pending extraction process that provides the
consumer with consistent quality.

What is 12 Day?
It all starts with Epilobium (Fireweed, Small Willow Herb). Epilobium is not a new herb; it is an edible plant indigenous to the Americas, Europe, Africa,West Asia and India. Used in folk medicine for centuries, it has been “rediscovered” by Western cultures in recent years as a natural support for prostate, urinary tract health and hormone balance with many unique features such as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antioxidant.

Combined with efficacious extracts from flower pollen, hops, and aloe vera, 12 Day product
stand alone.

12 Day Prostate™ with Bladder Support: A proprietary blend of Epilobium species,
Rye Flower Pollen, BiAloe®, water and alcohol 500mg. All natural, works in less than 12 days, clinically proven and patent pending. Doctor recommended, helps to prevent repeated trips to the bathroom at night. Helps control the urgency to go, may help with the effects from BPH; gluten free. 12 Day Prostate ingredients have been shown in clinical and antidotal studies to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by activity of 5-alphareductase and aromatase (the group of enzymes that catalyze the conversion of testosterone to estradiol) two enzymes which are involved in the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BiAloe in 12 Day Prostate With Bladder Support helps to regulate the immune system and aids to overall bioavailability.

12 Day Bladder™ with Menopause Support: A proprietary blend of Epilobium species, Hops (Humulus lupulus), BiAloe, water and alcohol 500mg. All natural, works in less than 12 days, clinically proven, doctor recommended and patented pending. Helps to prevent repeated trips to the bathroom at night. Helps control the urgency to go. Helps a menopausal women’s quality of life by reducing hot flashes and sweats; Helps regulate immune system, gluten free. 12 Day Bladder with Menopause Support ingredients are shown to be useful in controlling urinary incontinence. It has also been recognized as a powerful herb against bladder and kidney ailments, various urinary tract disturbances and have also been shown to help a menopausal woman’s quality of life by reducing hot flashes and night sweats. BiAloe helps to regulate the immune system and aids to overall bioavailability.

12 Day Bladder for Men & Women: A proprietary blend of Epilobium species, DMannose, BiAloe, water and alcohol 500mg. All natural, works in less than 12 days, clinically proven, patent pending and doctor recommended. Helps to prevent repeated trips to the bathroom at night, helps control the urgency to go, gluten free. 12 Day Bladder for Men & Women ingredients, have been shown to soothe the digestive tract and may prevent certain kinds of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and causing infection. BiAloe helps to regulate the immune system and aids to overall bioavailability.

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Boo Bamboo- Strength, Shine and Vitality!

Introducing a collection of hair products guaranteed to make your hair strong and gloriously shiny in no time flat. Rich in mineral and organic proteins, these bamboo extract infused products restore your dry brittle hair to silky smoothness giving you unparalleled salon quality results.

Boo bamboo hair care is a new line of cleansing, conditioning, and styling products which contain 100% certified organic bamboo extract. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grasses in the world, making it a tremendous renewable resource. Bamboo extract contains
approximately 70% silica, one of the building blocks of our hair, skin, and bones. Our range of Bamboo based hair care is formulated to improve the strength, vitality, and shine with proven, tested results. Boo has been formulated to deliver professional hair care results with the most natural formula possible. The brand position creates the first true alternative for the hair involved consumer currently using brands with synthetic chemicals, because they need to know their hair will hold in place all day at the office, and into the evening at social functions.

We want people to know that they can have the look they desire without having to worry about damaging Earth, the local eco system, their family or personal health with ingredients like dyes, parabens, fragrances, or any petro chemical ingredients.

  • Formulas contain Certified Organic Bamboo extracts
  • All natural ingredients and edible flavoring used for the gentle scent
  • Rich in minerals and organic proteins essential to maintaining healthy hair and skin
  • Bamboo Extract is the richest known source of natural Silca
  • FREE of SLS, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, formaldehyde and common allergens
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Cruelty free and vegan

We are so confident in the results of our boo bamboo products, that we have created the
Performance Naturals Guarantee, which means the product delivers better than expected
results to the end consumer or their money back! Performance Naturals means the ingredients are safe for skin and hair; the products don’t harm the environment, and can be used at home in the shower or in the lake at the cottage. Performance Naturals is about professional beauty results and will bring customers back to the retail location they purchased the product at because of how well they work. Performance Naturals will drive traffic to the premium hair, and personal care section of your store.

Boo Bamboo Baby Products
ature’s fastest growing plant has been harnessed into a collection of gentle baby products that soothe and moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin and hair with NO harmful ingredients.

  • Gentle
  • Safe
  • Renewable
  • Formulas contain Certified Organic Bamboo extracts
  • All natural ingredients and edible flavoring used for the gentle scent
  • Rich in minerals and organic proteins essential to maintaining healthy hair and skin
  • Bamboo Extract is the richest known source of natural Silca
  • FREE of: SLS, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, formaldehyde, petrochemicals
  • and common allergens

Boo Bamboo Baby Lotion, Boo Bamboo Baby Diaper Cream and Boo Bamboo Baby Hair and Body Wash are made in Canada.

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The leading brand of alkaline enhancers and the top choice of wellness experts
and health enthusiasts around the world Renowned scientist and inventor Sang Whang developed the first pH water booster, a patented alkaline mineral supplement, for the human body in 1992 after researching health issues related to acidosis, a condition characterized by excessive acidity in the body. Left unchecked, acidosis can cause serious long-term health issues if the acid-alkaline balance is not properly restored.These issues include loss of bone density, high blood pressure, inflammation, accelerated aging and increased risk of degenerative disease in general.

Today, Alkalife products continue building on the science of pH balance for a new
generation seeking health, wellness and longevity. Alkalife’s three core products play an
important role in keeping the body free from accumulated acidic waste.

Alkalife® booster drops: The original and only patented pH booster, Alkalife turns ordinary drinking water into alkaline water. Alkalife helps reduce excess acid in the body by replenishing bicarbonates and helping the body achieve proper pH balance.

Bicarb-Balance®Tablets Enteric-coated with a time-release compound and dissolve in the intestine for maximum absorption of bicarbonate into the bloodstream. Bicarb-balance patented formulation of potassium and sodium is designed to help the body achieve proper pH balance.

e-Cal®Tablets Contain calcium carbonate powder with a time-release compound and
enteric coating. They are intended for those with low bone density condition. e-Cal tablets are also a good option for people who cannot tolerate potassium and/or sodium.


  • Sports performance
  • Increases hydration and energy
  • Enables peak physical performance
  • Helps with elimination of lactic acid buildup
  • Helps body better adapt to altitude conditions
  • Improves delivery of supplements and nutrients
  • Detox and wellness
  • Helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream
  • Enables balanced pH levels within the body
  • Detoxifies and supports wellness
  • Provides support against degenerative disease
  • Improves the immune system of the body

Actual comments from Alkalife customers:

“Alkalife is the only pH adjuster I have used that works… I don’t go a day without this product.”
“If you have issues with overacidity, this product truly helps.”
“Alkalife drops are super easy to use and very affordable.”
“Two drops of Alkalife in anything you drink and…poof…no more acidity. This is a must have.”
“Really works! Change your water, change your life.”

With the courtesy of Alkalife!

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Barndad Innovative Nutrition

For good health through good diet!

Ultra Fiber DX™ BarnDad Innovative Nutrition’s patent-pending original product, Ultra Fiber DX, is a gluten free, 100% natural (non-GMO), soluble and insoluble fiber matrix. UFDX naturally reduces hunger and supports healthy weight management, lean muscle and a healthy digestive system. Developed and discovered in Germany, where it is used to successfully treat diabetic and obese patients, Ultra Fiber DX works by reducing hunger and slowing the digestion and absorption of sugars and carbohydrates.This helps reduce insulin spikes and allows glucose to be metabolized more effectively. Ultra Fiber DX also supports heart health. It’s long been clinically proven that a diet high in fiber helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, which has a positive impact on the body’s mechanisms for regulating healthy cholesterol production. When used regularly, Ultra Fiber DX helps the digestive system function efficiently. Proper digestion is essential for absorbing and utilizing vital micronutrients; supporting and improving lean muscle recovery; sustaining energy; promoting greater fat loss; and obtaining peak, healthy performance at any age. Simply add to your daily morning shake or mix instantly in water or your favorite non-carbonated beverage. Just one serving gives 11 grams of fiber (44% of your daily requirement), 7 grams of protein and is sugar free! Ultra Fiber DX is also a great cleansing product, giving you a flatter stomach and lighter feelings without any bloating, gas or negative side effects that are typically associated with fiber and cleansing products.

Natur’s Diet Biscotti Almond, Almond Cherry & Lemon Whip: A deliciously crunchy, hunger controlling, and weight management cookie. With 10g of protein and 7g of fiber, it is specifically designed to help reduce calorie control while delivering essential protein and amino acids needed for lean muscle, strength and good health. Available in three different flavors, Natur’s Diet Biscotti AlmondNatur’s Diet Biscotti Almond CherryNatur’s Diet Biscotti Lemon Whip, they appeal to everyone’s taste buds.

With the courtesy of Barndad Innovative Nutrition.

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