Prohormone Alternatives

Prohormone Alternatives

If you haven’t noticed prohormones are all but gone from the market place. Only a few survive, but the main one being 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One. This is a precursor to testosterone that isn’t going to put 20lbs of water weight on you in 14 days like the harsh prosteroids. Unfortunately ask anyone that used these harsh prosteroids and they will tell you that they lost 80% of their gains after the cycle.  That’s because the mass gained on a harsh prosteroid is mostly water weight that you lose after the cycle.

The bar has been set, people want almost instant results which makes old school products like Tribulus almost worthless for today’s bodybuilder.  Men today want something they can feel immediately and that will give them an advantage in the gym.


Products use anti-aromatase agents to boost testosterone and reduce estrogen as a way to increase muscle mass naturally.  Now that ATD and 6-OXO are officially off the market, new anti-estrogens and testosterone boosters are taking their place. These are usually non-steroidal versions of potent molecules. Some, like 2-PHENYL-BENZO(H)CHROMEN-4-ONE, which is found in LG Sciences Formadrol Extreme are actually as potent as the prescription product Arimidex (R) at reducing this enzyme.

Natural Non-Androgenic Anabolics

Now that prohormones are all but extinct, there is more interest in traditional non-hormonal anabolics that show good muscle building activity. Ecdysterone is being proven again and again to have a positive effect on muscle and strength without being androgenic, which makes it a killer product to add to your supplement regimen. Ecdystrone isn’t going to give you instant results like a prohormone but preliminary studies have shown that it will build size and strength using a different pathway than steroids.   SubSterone from LG Sciences increases activity by using a sublingual version of this popular ingredient, which will increase the biological activity.  Ecdysterone is rapidly cleared by the body making the need for 3-4 does a day.

pSARMs like Icarrin, Osthole and other plant extracts will boost anabolic activity in muscle without having any androgenic activity. These plant molecules help build muscle but won’t cause any acne, hairloss or prostate issues like testosterone boosters or prohormones. These are showing some really good feedback in people who are experienced prohormone users.  Other ingredients like Cissus will give almost immediate results based on the reduction of cortisol and the increase in muscle mass.  Cissus is one of the most potent natural anabolics on the market today.

Natural Androgens

Finally, natural androgens found in plants can act like a prohormone without being at risk for being banned. The only two sources of natural androgens found in nature are Tinospora which is about as androgenic as the illegal steroid hydroxy-testosterone. Also, Eucommia ulmoides is another plant that has shown androgenic activity. This will give similar boosts in strength, aggression and mass as prohormones without being illegal. You will also experience similar side effects, so be careful when you use them to be over 21 years old.

Other Factors

You should always have the basics covered when you are thinking about boosting your testosterone or using prohormone replacement products. The basics include a good protein supplement (or at least eat a lot of natural protein from meat and eggs) and a good creatine supplement. These two provide the body with the basic building blocks necessary to take advantage of a good prohormone replacement product.


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