Does Stress make you fat?

Does Stress make you fat ?

Stress is the major problem for many people. Due to the working environment or daily life activities, stress occurs. For stress, the body reacts in such a way that will result in metabolic changes. So it will contribute to the weight gain. Abnormal weight gain in turn will cause many health problems. Therefore, the stress should be treated in the starting stage itself.

Stress Hormone – What is so important about it?

When the person is subjected to high stress, the stress hormone – cortisol is released from the body.  In response to this hormone, the human body will generate several other hormones. This will ultimately result in imbalance condition.

How stress makes you fat?

The first thing getting affected by stress is metabolism. The stress hormone – cortisol has the capacity to reduce the rate of metabolism. For the same amount of food intake, one may feel indigestion when they are under stress. Reduction in metabolism will add to your body weight. Another effect of cortisol is it will make you eat for ever. Though you are not hungry, you want to eat something. People under stress will have the habit of eating some junk foods all time. This is because of the excess nervous energy. 

  • Decrease in digestion due to stress will result in problems such as irritable bowel movements and increase in carbon-di-oxide removal from the blood. This will cause the imbalance in blood acidity level. Heart attack can occur because of this problem. 
  • Under stress people will not have interest in cooking. Due to stress, they will not be interested in spending more time to cook and eat. They will not be more conscious about health. They like to eat the foods items that are readily available. Stress will make people to crave for foods that are rich in fat, salt and sugar. Consuming these food items will again add on your weight. Fast food centers are the main choice for such people. Because of this obesity is threatening the society. 
  • The amount of blood sugar can be increased because of stress. The mood of people under stress will not be same at all time. Several variations in mood will occur. This makes people to become fatigue.  Cortisol can even cause the immune system of the body to fail. This will open the gateway for various diseases. 
  • People under stress are more likely to get fat accumulation in their abdominal area. This will destroy their physical look. And also analyses have shown that abdominal fat will result in various severe health problems. 
  • Because of stress people will be fatigued. This makes their body to become lazy. So they will not be interested in doing exercise. Exercise is very essential to lead a healthy life. Stress will reduce the amount of physical work. Without physical work, weight gain will occur.

How can you avoid this situation?

Whenever you feel that, you are in stress,

  • Listen to music of your choice
  • Call your dearest ones and talk to them
  • Do something interesting which can make you busy and forget about everything.
  • Eat lots of fruits and drink cold water.
  • Go to gym and do workouts of your  choice
  • Do Aerobics
  • Take foods that are rich in minerals and anti-stress vitamins.
  • Good amount of sleep is mandatory and sleep at least for 8 hours a day.
  • Supplementations – Supplements are one of the best ways to reduce stress. But, supplements are to be taken after consulting with a doctor.

Since stress has several negative impacts on the body, it is necessary to find ways for overcoming it. Peace of mind, good diet along with supplementation and regular exercise will help to live long healthy life. To know more about this click here.


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