How antioxidants work

The intake of antioxidant is very essential to fight against free radicals. Free radicals present in the body cause damage to the cell. This in turn will result in cell aging. For neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants are necessary. Taking antioxidants will also help to provide young look by slowing down the aging process. Colored fruits and vegetables are rich sources for antioxidants. But there are several supplements available that will help to meet the antioxidant requirement of the body.

The nutrition food supplements will act as the antioxidant supplements. They are not new to the market. They are available from earlier days. The antioxidant can be classified as follows:

  • Weak antioxidants
  • Strong antioxidants

Not all antioxidants will have same effect on the free radicals. The reaction will vary from one antioxidant to another.

Vitamin C supplements
Vitamin C is the good source for antioxidant. Several pills containing vitamin C are available. They are less expensive. Regular intake of them will help to increase the antioxidant content. They are water soluble vitamins. So, daily intake of vitamin C is essential.

Vitamin A and vitamin E supplements

Vitamin A and E will also help to fulfill the antioxidant requirements.

Green Tea extract

Green tea extract is the main supplement for antioxidant. It has been used by Asians for long time. Its regular consumption will help to improve the longevity of life. Green tea is the secret for disease free long life of Japanese and Chinese people.

Many Chinese herbs are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant herb tea is one such herbal product. Oldenlandiae herba, Trichosanthes fruit and Cephalotaxus sinensis are the main ingredients of this tea. Intake of this herbal tea will help to get good quantity of antioxidant. The ingredients present in this tea will give methatriacontane, flavonoid, triterpenoid saponin, coumaric acid, stigmasterol, oleanolic acid and ursolic acid. Besides providing antioxidants they offer other health benefits such as good blood circulation, increase the immunity power, remove the toxins present in the body and dissolving the mass that are accumulated.

Alpha Lipoic Acidity

Another supplement of antioxidant is alpha lipoic acidity. It is an effective antioxidant.


Turmeric is being used in daily food of Indians. It occupies an important place in the ayurvedic medication. It helps to cure many diseases. Turmeric extract will act as a good antioxidant. Curcuma is made from turmeric. It adds good taste to food items. Because of its medicinal value, it is being used in many Indian foods.

Kal antioxidant body defense

Another inexpensive and effective antioxidant supplement is Kal antioxidant body defense.

Though antioxidants supplements help to prevent cell damage, it is necessary to take them under medical supervision. Prolonged use of some antioxidant supplements may cause some adverse effects. For example, consuming Beta carotene for long time will increase lung cancer risk in smoking people. It is better to take natural food sources and balanced diet for increasing antioxidant. If necessary, antioxidant supplements can be taken after getting advice from nutritionist.

Medical Supplements

All the above said antioxidant supplements can be taken from your diet itself. But, it is not very sure that, you will include all these antioxidant supplements in your daily food. What would you do in that case? There are medical antioxidant supplements available these days and by taking these every day, you are getting these antioxidants every day.

Where do I get these supplements?

There are many online stores available in US market now days but the king of all is Health Superstore. It is a one stop shop for all your health needs. Health Superstore has got almost all the medical products and it is famous for its million happy customers who always enjoy doing online shopping with this store. All kinds of antioxidant supplements are available in this store. Here are few antioxidant supplements that can help you.

Organic India Certified Tulsi Tea Jasmine (18 Bags) – This product belongs to the brand Organic India and Tulsi, the Queen of Herbs, gives you various health benefits such as increased energy, stress relief and boosts your immune system. This supplementation contains a floral blend of chamomile, Tulsi and Jasmine that fills all your senses with harmony and peace.

Greens World Inc. Delicious Berry Greens 8000 (10.6 oz) – This is a photo-nutrient powder mix that is loaded with whole foods, certified organic and plant extracts called Delicious Berry green 8000. This supplementation gives you metabolism, maximum energy, digestion, fat burning, immunity, detoxification, recovery, repair, longevity and revitalization. This product belongs to Green world Inc, that has the right mix of photo nutrients and vitamins needed for your body.



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