Healthy eating to lose weight

Weight Loss is a concern among the majority of the people world over. It has become such a trend that today there are innumerous number of products that comes with all the assurances of losing weight. There are many reasons for weight gain but the only way to lose weight is to do regular and effective workout and eat healthy.

Why there is weight gain?

Spicy, junk and fast food are the current trend that has taken toll on the weight. Adding to the woe is the current food production scenario where almost every food is contaminated with residues of chemicals that are used in fertilizers and pesticides. And these in turn harm the body and accelerate the weight gain. So also, the hectic and stressful lifestyle and irregular food habit have contributed much to it.

What do we mean by healthy foods and why is it so important?

Healthy food means, food that is natural and filled with nutrients, those contain less cholesterol and is rich in fiber. They contain different vitamins, proteins and trace minerals that are required for essential body functioning. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts etc are the best examples.

Healthy food is very much important because they are the main source of energy to the vital functioning of the entire metabolism. They help the body to strengthen its immune system and fight against diseases.

Planning healthy meals

In your breakfast menu you can add up some sprouted grains and cereals in your breakfast. To spice it up you can simply add some finely chopped onions, cucumber, carrot, spinach and broccoli and sprinkle in some pepper powder. Sprouts are rich in enzymes and help the body to be healthy and strengthen the immune system.

Also adding veggies and fruits in kids meal is equally important so they can develope their taste buds. Vegetable purees and fruit purees like those prepared for babies can still be a hit with toddlers and preschoolers if they’re served slightly thicker. Make the dishes more presentable to kids. Serving different colorful fruits or veggies in a beautiful serving dish can encourage kids to eat them.

Similarly in lunch and dinner the quantity of the main dish like rice etc. can be reduced and green salads can be added in the menu on a regular basis.  Salads should not be restricted to lunch and dinner alone. The tiny hunger that creeps in between can also be appeased with green salads and fruit salads. Avoid using potatoes and also frying the foods. Instead go for boiling the food.

Instead of the fat filled chicken patties you can take grilled chicken. This will drastically reduce the fat consumption.

How these food help in losing weight?

These nutritional and healthy foods contain very minimal or no fat and whatever nutrition like protein and vitamin they contain are absorbed completely by the body and fully utilized. Whereas food that contain more of fats and carbohydrates are not fully used by the body and also they cannot be so easily eliminated from the body. These in turn start accumulating in the body thereby putting on weight.

When healthy and natural foods are taken on a regular basis, they steer up the metabolism to burn the accumulated fat thereby keeping weight gain at bay and also help in reducing the already overweighed body.

Are fruits and vegetables the only natural foods or are there any supplements available?

Fruits, vegetables and nuts are the major natural foods. Also there are many dietary supplements are available on the market and online stores as well. But make sure to pick a good one which really works for you. You may want to read the labels, read online reviews about the products that you want to purchase and make your decision.  Health Superstore carries a good variety of health supplements. A few you may want to check out:

Earth’s Bounty Tahitian Organic Noni Juice – This is an healthy juice from Earth’s Bounty which is good in calories, vitamin and Iron and has NIL Fat. This juice has a collection of rich fruits specially picked and prepared for you. Try this once.

Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic Mineral Complex  has got almost 74 dissolved, essential and complexes minerals and trace elements.  Fulvic is very helpful for boosting your immunity and thus prevents diseases.  This is a product from Vital Earth Minerals which is loaded with nutrients and are completely without any preservatives and additives.


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