Joint Pain – Joint Stiffness – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

 Joint Pain

People of any age group can get affected by joint pain. It affects the normal functioning of the body to a greater extent. It is necessary to understand its symptoms and causes to get effective treatment.

Chronic pain in the body joints for more than three months indicates the joint pain.


  • If excess weight is carried, it causes excess stress in the joints.
  • Arthritis depending on its type will cause joint pain.
  • The inflammation that occurs due to an injury may cause pain in the joints.
  • Steroid withdrawal, tearing of cartilage, sprain, bone fracture, sickle cell anemia, bursitis, tendonitis and synovial sarcoma can cause joint pain.


  • The treatment for joint pain involves providing lubrication to the joint areas.
  • Water therapy is a popular treatment for joint pain. It is also called as water aerobics. In this various aerobics exercises will be carried out in water.
  • For the treatment of joint pain due to arthritis, glucosamine is found to be effective. But it involves side effects in some cases.
  • Using home remedies such as massaging the affected joints with warm Bishop’s oil, applying mustard seed paste made with water are also found to be effective.

Joint Stiffness

It is the one of the disorders that occurs in joints. It will result in immobility and chronic pain in the affected joints.


Some of the symptoms of joint stiffness are as follows.

  • Severe pain associated with bending, walking and turning. These will be more in morning time.
  • Any kind of joint motion will be very difficult to carry out.
  • The degree of joint movement will be far below the normal movement.
  • The joints will be swollen and inflammation will occur.
  • The person will not be able to move properly.


Arthritis can be the cause for joint stiffness. People suffering from morning stiffness are more likely to be affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis can also cause joint stiffness problem.


With the advancement in technology, several medications are available to treat joint stiffness effectively.

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment is given to recover from the pain in joints.
  • Home remedies such as wrapping the warm towel for 20 minutes around the affected joint will help to relax from stiffened joint.
  • To treat morning stiffness Advil or Nuprin can be taken. Either in early morning or in late night two tablets can be taken along with a glass of milk.

 There are Joint care supplements available on the market which may help rebuilding cartilage and reduce Join pain and swelling.  Liquid Health Glucosamine-V  has Glucosamine combined with MSM and other unique, natural nutrients that are specially formulated to help rebuild cartilage and reduce pain and swelling. Anti-oxidants and enzymes derived from pineapple and grapefruit are included to help protect the joints from harmful free radicals that can damage cartilage.

You may want to check Lee Haney Nutritional Support Joint Mobility Enhancer & High Performance Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Joint Support Formula which help you to have healthy joints, increase flexibility and mobility.


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