Useful Tips to Choose a Low Carb Diet

People say that carbohydrates give you a plenty of energy but the carbohydrate intake should be low to lead a healthy life. Great care should be taken in the regular diet. There is no need to change your diet plan completely but a slight modification in the daily diet is enough to lower the carbohydrate level in the food. Following tips will help to consume low carbohydrate food.

Include the foods

Fill your diet with proteins and fiber rich foods. By including meats, cheese, eggs, vegetables and peanut butter in the diet, one can get low level of carbohydrate. Meat is the first choice to start the low carb diet for many people. Chicken, beef and seafood have low carbohydrate content. Not all vegetables and fruits have low carb. All kinds of greens, broccoli, beans, cucumber, pepper, onions and celery can be eaten. Vegetables such as potatoes, corn, peas, carrot and beets should be avoided because of their high carb level. Grated Cauliflower can be used as substitute for rice in many dishes. Besides having low carb, the time consumed for its cooking is also less. In the dishes where potatoes are used, smashed cauliflower can be used. Similarly in the case of fruits berries, apricots, melons, peaches, plums, pears, apples, oranges, grapes, pineapple and tangerine can be consumed. Dried fruits and bananas are rich in carb level and so they should not be taken.

Carbohydrate products that are made from whole grains and rich in fiber will also be a good choice. Unprocessed foods contain low carbohydrate. Example of such product is whole grain bread. This can be preferred instead of white bread to reduce the carbohydrate intake. Similarly whole grain cereal can be taken instead of sugary cereal. Brown rice is also preferred by many people.

Dairy products such as milk, cream and yoghurt are rich in carbohydrates. Soya milk and cream can be used as alternatives for the dairy products. Unsweetened coconut milk and unsweetened almond milk can be used instead of milk. Canned products should be avoided. Aerated drinks have lot of carb. Before consuming any food count its carbohydrate. In the preparation of jams, fresh fruits can be used to make it as a low carb food. All the sweets have high carb. So they should be avoided. But with the help of sugar substitutes, it is possible to prepare low carb diet. Artificial sweeteners can be used for sweet preparation. If possible flour made of nuts and seeds can be used in the place of white wheat flour. Coconut flour is capable of giving the baked item as taste as prepared by white wheat flour. Besides giving low carb, coconut flour will also provide more nutrients. For pizza lovers, low carb pizzas are easily available.

The best tip to choose a low carb diet is to find alternative for the high carb diet. There are few other supplements available in famous health stores like Health Superstore and they are as follows.

People who are trying to have a full nutritious supplement that has a fat metabolizing formula and low carbs can go for Champion Nutrition Low Carb Ultramet, Chocolate Fudge. The good thing is, it protects your muscles and has 35g of protein. If you would like to have low carb diet in liquid form, yet tasty, then you can have this yummy shake Eclipse The Low Carb Shake. This shake is rich in taste and has 600 mg of calcium.

Nature’s Best/The Isopure Co. Low Carb Dutch Chocolate is a protein supplement that gives you ample stamina, energy and helps in muscle growth. You can also choose cereals like Low Carb Hot Cereal.


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