Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ancient practices that emerged in India and today is one of the most popular one around the world for treatment of various illness and for overall wellbeing of humans. It combines two major strategies namely the posture and the breathing techniques which in unison creates a wave of magic to treat not only the physical body but springs up a well-balanced mental sharpness and a lightened up spirit.  In short, Yoga is a complete pack that takes care of all the three levels of a person – body, mind and spirit.

When we follow the posture, they vitalize the concerned parts and guide them to get right alignment of the body and when this is accompanied by deep breathing, a fresh amount of oxygen is inhaled and the impure air is eliminated thereby cleaning the entire being.

Benefits of Yoga on physical level

As the benefits of Yoga are vast and unlimited it is very difficult to sum it up in short. But here is an effort to give an overall positive effect of it on the physical well-being:

  • The different asanas (postures) help in toning up your various muscles, strengthen your bones and joints and increases the flexibility and density of the tandons, muscles and bones.
  • Helps in relaxing your entire body, cures various diseases and even injuries.
  • It enhances your entire immune system.
  • For the central point that is the heart, it reduces BP and cholesterol, regulates the blood circulation and relieves stress.

Benefits of Yoga on the Mental Level

  • As it is one form of meditation too, it increases a person’s concentration power, reduces the stress level and relaxes the mind.
  • It has the power to relieve a person suffering from mental trauma and brings in a great calmness and peace within
  • It is quite effective for children suffering from different types of mental disorders.

You may want to check yoga postures Please take expert advice if you are new to the yoga postures.

What is required to do Yoga?

Yoga is done in the simplest way with the least equipment. All that it requires is a firm and comfortable mat and an instruction manual if you are a beginner. These come in the form of a complete kit like

Valeo Yoga Kit (1 Kit)  is a kit from Valeo  includes Two Firm Foam Blocks (3-In X 6-In X 9-In); Sticky Mat (24-In X 68-In); 72-In Woven Cotton Strap With Buckle; Nylon Tote Bag With Shoulder Strap and Yoga Instruction Wall Chart.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Products – 8 Cinch Strap Hugger Muggers cotton straps are useful for yogis of all levels. They offer two buckle styles on sturdy 1-1/2 inch cotton webbing that adjust easily and hold securely. Their designer fabric cotton straps are soft to the touch. A size label on each strap makes it easy for teachers and students to know at a glance which strap to use.

Our 4 inch Hugger Mugger Yoga  Block Foam  offers three useful dimensions, 4 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch, to aid in your yoga practice. Use them to ground your lower hand in standing poses, to space the hands in peacock pose, or to support your hips in bridge pose. They are lightweight and durable making them great for travel.


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