Vital Earth Minerals Cal-Mag Liquid

Vital Earth Minerals Cal-Mag Liquid is designed for adult nutritional needs unless it is recommended by a doctor. Rapid bone growth decreases after age 35, so depending on life style and health issues the need for absorbable calcium increases dramatically at age 35. Vital Earth’s Cal Mag Liquid contains the most bio-available form of Calcium found on the market today.

Cal-Mag Liquid contains all natural microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite Compound (MCHC); known as the “bone builder” because it is the form of calcium found naturally in bones. Recent studies show MCHC to be the most effective and bio-available form of calcium MCHC calcium produces prolonged effects to help prevent further bone loss, as well as restore mineral content to bones. And the liquid form maximizes all these benefits.   It has 1020 mg of Elemental calcium, which is actual usable  calcium. 

Calcium is one of the most difficult elements to digest and utilize. Liquids are more absorbable and the addition of fulvic/ humic minerals increases absorption even more. Fulvic metabolizes nutrients it comes in contact with and carries them directly through cell membranes where they’re needed. This one ingredient is highly significant for proper absorption; other formulas do not have this unique ingredient.  This is because fulvic carries nutrients directly into the cells where these nutrients are needed.

Vital Earth Minerals Cal-MagOther important features include: 

  • No shellfish, gluten or dairy.
  • Low glycemic / diabetic friendly, sweetened with healthy xylitol 
  • Natural low heat processing
  • Each 1 oz serving contains 1020 mg of non-synthetic elemental
  • None of the fillers, binders, chemicals or colorings found in many other Calcium Mag formulas.   
  • Contains superior co-factors such as: Magnesium citrate, all natural Vitamin D-3, phosphorus, and liquid fulvic Minerals.
  • Delicious Natural fruit flavorEverything is so interdendant.  Having strong bones just naturally makes muscles and joints work more effectively.

Vital Earth’s Cal Mag Liquid tastes great and produces results.


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One Response to Vital Earth Minerals Cal-Mag Liquid

  1. Tony Matchem says:

    Sound like a great product.

    Have there been any double blind study testing done on your Cal-Mag to show absorption rate in the body?

    Calcium and magnesium play an integral role in the body’s energy generation and enzyme production at the cellular level.


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