Six Reasons Vital Earth’s Cal Mag Liquid is superior in every way

1) MCHC Form of Calcium

Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite calcium is far superior because it is the form of calcium that is most compatible with, and embraced by your body’s natural systems.   It is  more absorbable and  utilizable than other forms of calcium, resulting in:
■ Strengthened muscles, including the heart muscle
■ Increased natural bone building, because it feeds the bone matrix
■ Elimination and control of muscle cramps
■ Natural, sound restful sleep
■ Prevention of bone loss in young adults

2) Fulvic Mineral Base

Vital Earth pioneered the process of adding Fulvic Minerals to nutritional products.  Fulvic increases the superiority of all formulas significantly because it is the carrier of nutrients.  Fulvic attaches to the nutrient molecules in Cal Mag Liquid, and carries them directly into the depths of your cells … energizing and healing.

3) Liquids increase absorption to 98%

Pills and capsules offer from 5 to 45% absorption.  With a liquid, chewable or powder, absorption starts in the mouth. Enzymes are activated as soon as the nutrient hits your taste buds, and the powerful assimilation qualities continue throughout the GI tact.  This high absorption formula is already penetrating the cells by the time it reaches the stomach.

4) Co-Factors increase effectiveness

It’s what we have used as well as what wehave not used that contribute to the superior effectiveness of Cal Mag Liquid.  We added essential D3 (the absorbable, natural form of vitamin  D), Phosphorous and of course Magnesium in the proper balance.  Essential co-factors are what create the proper synergistic reactions between ingredients; without them, absorption is minimal.  Cal Mag Liquid’s carefully chosen ingredient forms and combinations offer exceptional results.

And what’snot in the formula are fillers, binders, or excipients of any kind, which acidify body fluids, prevent absorption, and cause stomach upset.

5) Why is “elemental calcium” important?

We give you 1020 mg of pure MCHC “elemental” calcium, versus others who give you inferior forms of calcium and measure it by overall weight.  Here’s what “elemental”
means.  Calcium in it’s natural form is bound to many other molecules and minerals in what is called a “compound”.  When a calcium compound is measured, the result is the weight of all the elements in the compound, and very little  of it is actually calcium.  In Cal Mag Liquid, only the calcium in the compound is weighed, which means you are getting substantially more actual calcium. “Elemental” weight tells you how much of an actual mineral you are getting in any mineral compound.  (Not all formula ingredients are

6) Other reasons Cal Mag Liquid is superior
■ No gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast, chemicals, colorings, or artificial sweeteners.
■ Low glycemic / diabetic friendly, sweetened with healthy xylitol
■ It’s a concentrate … when a little water is added it is downright delicious!

Reference: Written by Jody Ahrens CEO, Vital Earth Minerals, LLC.

Resource: Vital Earth’s Cal Mag Liquid is superior

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