FAQ’s On Athlete Octane

Athlete Octane is a powerful collection of micro-nutrients formulated for the demands of endurance exercise. It is designed to help optimize the metabolic pathways of energy production while neutralizing the free-radical damage brought on by the stress of exercise.

Here are some of the FAQ’s answered to help you get a clear idea!

Why Supplement?
As an endurance athlete, you utilize more vitamins and micro-nutrients than the average person. Certain key nutrients, like those formulated in Athlete Octane are essential for proper energy metabolism and are typically lacking in even the healthiest of diets. With processed “fast” foods – devoid of nutrients by and large – being common today, replacing key nutrients is very difficult, if not impossible to do with diet alone. Adding athletic stress on top of dietary deficiencies and its easy to understand how we can run our energy, recovery, and immune systems down.

While the US RDA for vitamins and minerals is designed as a guideline to help you avoid nutritional deficiencies it is not a guide for optimal athletic performance. Even if you are getting the RDA for every nutrient, your requirements as an endurance athlete may be much higher. Furthermore even the most balanced, complete diets can lack certain nutrients that could be the key to your performance.

Why is Athlete Octane better?
This is our favorite question and the answer is in multiple parts: First, you can buy multiple bottles of pills, figure out how many pills of each formula you need every day, then go through the chore of taking a handful of pills every day. Or, you can simply take 1oz of Athlete Octane and then get on with the more important issues. When given this choice, most athletes would choose the convenience of a liquid in a single bottle over multiple bottles and 10-15 pills. Secondly, liquids absorb quicker and more completely, and are far easier to take before and WHILE YOU’RE TRAINING AND RACING. Try to swallow a handful of pills while you’re chasing the finish line. Those who’ve tried it know exactly what they’re in for.

Liquid vs. Pills:
The advantages of a liquid endurance supplement are easy to distinguish: Convenience, cost and most importantly, ABSORPTION. This greater absorption rate results from the fact that liquid vitamins are already in a form in which they can be absorbed directly into the body as soon as they are consumed. This is unlike pill vitamins, which must first be broken down into their component parts before they can be absorbed by the body. The second benefit of liquid vitamins is clearly the convenience factor. One ounce of Athlete Octane is obviously easier to take than a handful of pill vitamins. For those who take pill vitamins, they often take numerous different pills in order to get all of the vitamins their body needs each day. The third major benefit of Athlete Octane™ is the cost. In order to purchase the same amount of ingredients in pill form you would have to spend upwards of $150.00 per month. Athlete Octane is a third of that price!

Is Athlete Octane Legal for Competition?
Yes. Athlete Octane™ is 100% legal for all forms of sanctioned competition. Many supplement manufacturers are facing negative exposure by including trace amounts of illegal substances such as androstendione and other pre-hormones in supplements and not telling you about it. These illegal compounds end up in many supplements by faulty manufacturing processes and can cause an innocent athlete to be disqualified, fined and even banned from competition. We take the extra step and contract periodic, independent, third-party testing for banned substances.


The state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment used to manufacture Athlete Octane™ has never seen a trace of any banned substances. If it’s not in the building, it’s not in the supplement and it’s not in your body. If you’re currently taking a supplement, ask the manufacturer what else goes through the machines that make it and how they deal with cleaning their machinery. We bet you’ll be surprised.

What is free radical damage?
Free Radicals are the unavoidable waste products produced by exercise that can damage tissue causing soreness and fatigue, reducing your endurance and increasing recovery time. The potent complex of antioxidants in Athlete Octane help neutralize the performance robbing effects of free radicals.

How will Athlete Octane make me feel?
Every athlete has various positive comments regarding how Athlete Octane™ makes him or her feel, although most comment on an increased ability to maintain a high output and less post-workout soreness and fatigue. “It just increases my ability to go hard.”, is a comment heard most often. Athlete Octane™ will not cause any “jitters” or “buzz”; instead it may prevent you from experiencing some of the negative effects of intense exercise.

Will Athlete Octane replace my current energy drink?
No. Athlete Octane™ is not an energy drink. It is a nutritional supplement. It does not provide the needed calories for endurance activity. It is intended to be used in conjunction with your endurance fueling plan. You need the right balance of carbohydrates and protein intake for your particular endurance activity.

Will Athlete Octane replace my current electrolyte supplement?
No. Athlete Octane™ is not an electrolyte replacement. Although Athlete Octane™ contains calcium it does not include the additional electrolytes needed for endurance activity. It is intended to be used in conjunction with your electrolyte replacement plan. You need to pay attention to your balance of electrolytes, especially in warmer climates.

Is Athlete Octane™ safe?
Absolutely. Most of the ingredients in Athlete Octane™ are already found in your body. There are no negative side effects with any of the nutrients found in Athlete Octane™. Athlete Octane™ is manufactured in a state-inspected facility that utilizes a strict GMP protocol.

To know in detail about the ingredients click here!

Does Athlete Octane™ contain any stimulants?
No. While stimulants like caffeine, guarana, ginseng, ma huang (ephedrine) and others provide the user with a quick burst of energy and may even provide some lasting endurance benefits. Stimulants will more often than not let you down in the critical hours of a race. Most stimulants are known diuretics and really have no place in sustained endurance activity.

Are any professional athletes taking Athlete Octane™?
Absolutely! Not only are the pros taking Athlete Octane™, they helped design it. We worked with national and world-caliber endurance athletes to ensure Athlete Octane™ would perform under the most strenuous conditions. See our web site for a list of pros who make Athlete Octane™ part of their program and why they do.

How does Athlete Octane™ taste?
We spent a great deal of time developing the taste of Athlete Octane™ and we think you’ll be pleased. Trust us, mingling the tastes of over 10 potent nutrients was a real challenge, but we think we pulled it off quite nicely. It has a light orange-cinnamon flavor and it is very easy to take. Keep in mind that while a palatable product is very important, we made sure to keep away from artificial sweeteners or flavors because they don’t add any real benefit to the formula. Octane tastes best if kept in the refrigerator.

Is Athlete Octane™ for Juniors and kids?
We do not recommend Athlete Octane for anyone under the age of 21. Young people have a remarkable capacity for dealing with the stresses of exercise without the help of nutritional supplements. We believe young people should focus on understanding what is involved with eating a healthy diet, working within a smart, supervised, age-and-sport-appropriate training program as well as getting constant encouragement to succeed. Athlete Octane is designed to work for the adult athlete who is often not as efficient as a younger athlete at dealing with the demands of training and competition.

I noticed Athlete Octane™ separates after I pour it. Why is this?
This is normal and why we have you shake the bottle vigorously before pouring. Athlete Octane™ contains fat-soluble nutrients like Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E. When a nutrient is classified as fat-soluble it means the presence of fat is required for the assimilation of the nutrient in the body (water-soluble meaning the presence of water is required for proper absorption). We have included a small amount of grape seed oil in the formula to allow for effective absorption of the above nutrients. The base of the Athlete Octane™ is distilled water which, after shaking, separates from the grape seed oil. This is completely natural and does not effect the formula.

How long does it take Athlete Octane™ to work?
With regular, daily dosing most athletes feel a difference in their training such as a lower heart-rate during intervals and less soreness in about a week to 10 days. This is the average time needed for some of our nutrients to reach serum concentration levels in the body (once there these levels will remain plateaued with daily dosing). The variance is, in part, related to your individual body chemistry. Some of our athletes have taken as long as three weeks to notice the Athlete Octane™ before the first signs of improvement are noticed. Some of our athletes notice the Octane difference in a day or two. So give Athlete Octane™ at least a month before evaluating whether or not its working for you.

Should I take other supplements with Athlete Octane™?
We feel other supplements for increasing your endurance won’t be necessary, so say “later” to expensive “supplement systems”. We do however recommend a good multi-vitamin , additional vitamin C, and green-food supplement to support your diet. After your 3rd purchase of Athlete Octane™, you’re automatically enrolled in Team Octane and eligible for up to 50% off other select, top-quality supplements that complement Athlete Octane™

How can I take Athlete Octane™ with me while I’m training and racing?
Two ways: You can either add Athlete Octane™ to a water bottle, gel flask, or take 1/2oz doses with you in an Athlete Octane™ flask (a.k.a. Octane Battery). We recommend taking 1/2 oz every 2 hours during strenuous training or racing.

Can I add Athlete Octane™ to an energy drink?
Of course. Just estimate the duration of your race or training session, and add 1/2oz of Athlete Octane™ for every 2hrs of activity to your energy drink . No more popping pills while you’re training or racing! However, you may miss some absorption of certain ingredients that are best absorbed sublingually (under the tongue). We prefer to carry Octane in 1/2oz Octane Batteries (mini-flasks).

Why should I take Athlete Octane™ even if I’m not training that day?
The positive effects of Athlete Octane™ are cumulative. This means that you need to build and maintain a supply of the nutrients in Athlete Octane™ for it to be fully effective. Doing so requires that you take Athlete Octane™ every day.

Why did you choose the ingredients in Athlete Octane™?
We looked at the safest, best performing endurance “supplement systems” on the market, “weeded-out” those that had no scientific support and refined the formula from there. The ingredients in Athlete Octane™ have been in use in endurance competition for over a decade, but have never been available in an easy-to-use and affordable product. We saw a need to combine the best formulas in the field and put an end to the need to take handfuls of pills. A complete ingredient profile and support is available on our web site.

What’s the shelf life of Athlete Octane™?
Athlete Octane™ will last for one year unopened if kept in the refrigerator. Once opened, it will last for 2 months if kept in the refrigerator. Please keep the formula out of heat and light to maintain potency. You can travel with Octane at room temperature for up to a week at a time, but we recommend refrigeration whenever possible.

What makes Athlete Octane™ different than other products?
There are many details that separate Athlete Octane™ from other endurance supplements. The most important are effectiveness, cost and convenience. Not only does Athlete Octane™ absorb better because it’s a liquid, it’s also far easier to take and up to 75% less expensive than the competition. We also elected to use ingredients that are backed by scientific studies and stay away from ingredients that don’t have a shred of scientific support.

About Athlete Octane:

Athlete Octane is not an energy drink or an energy gel; and it is not an electrolyte replacement. Athlete Octane instead, is a liquid dietary supplement specifically created to address the nutritional demands of endurance athletes. This includes micro-nutrient optimization as well as free radical scavenging all while making it incredibly easy and affordable.

As many understand, the higher physical demands of endurance training and competition simply require a balanced diet that includes micro-nutrient supplementation. In fact, with today’s processes foods and general depletion of farming soils, it is almost impossible to gain the appropriate micro nutrients needed to maintain top physical fitness from food alone. The problem however, has always been the expense and difficulty involved with the daily regime of taking pills by the hand full. Athlete Octane replaces this problem with an affordable, great tasting and extremely convenient liquid supplement.

Because it’s packaged in liquid form, Athlete Octane is highly absorptive. In that, Athlete Octane allows for the best possible uptake of key nutrients by the body; Something that pills simply cannot do. So say good bye to the daily headache of choking down hand fulls of pills. With a daily ounce of Athlete Octane athletes will notice an overall improvement including the following:

  • Reduced recovery time
  • Faster gains in fitness
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Greater endurance
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced soreness

A one month supply of Athlete Octane (two 16oz bottles) is also cheaper than many of the leading supplement options available on the market. In fact, if you were to collect all the necessary vitamins and minerals, the costs can be as much as 300% more than that of Athlete Octane. While our goal was to produce the highest quality endurance supplement available, we’re also pleased that it is overall more affordable.

Athlete Octane’s ingredient list was selected with endurance athlete’s in mind. Our manufacturing process ensures that Athlete Octane is handled without the possibility of cross contamination; meaning there is absolutely no chance that any illegal substances will be found within the vicinity of Athlete Octane production.

Source: http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-faqs-on-athlete-octane.htm

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