Reduce Daily Sugar Intake for Heart Health

Everybody likes one thing in common in this world ie., “Sugar”. But we must also understand that “Too much of anything is not good for health”. Do you know, according to the recent analysis, increased sugar intake could be one of the causes for heart disease? So the daily sugar intake should be reduced to maintain good heart health. This article explains you, how you can reduce the sugar intake in your daily foods.

Foods rich in sugar

Sugar is present in majority of the food items that we consume very often. Food items such as soft drinks, juices, sports drinks contain sugar in the form of fructose. Increased sugar consumption will result in several health disorders such as obesity, liver disease and so on.

How sugar causes heart disease?

Eating sugar will provide enormous amount of calories. Other than that there is no nutritional value for sugar. Fructose present in the canned food items will cause adverse effects on triglyceride and HDL levels. Apart from fructose, these food items also contain sugar in the form of corn syrup, glucose and carbohydrates whose nutritional value is null. Regular consumption of these food items will result in atherosclerosis. It is the condition which causes the thickening of arteries and will result in severe heart disease.

Nutrition Value of Sugar:

One serving of granulated sugar provides 108 calories. One ounce of sugar delivers 28 grams of carbohydrate, but zero grams of protein and fat. Sugar is 100 percent carbohydrate and contains no vitamins, minerals or fatty acids.

Benefits and Drawbacks
Sugar delivers a quick energy boost, as it is rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream. However, the quick release of energy that sugar provides also fades quickly, and can cause the body to experience an energy slump.

Diabetics and others with insulin sensitivities should control their sugar consumption according to their doctors’ guidelines.

What are the sugar levels permitted for men and women?

One cannot completely get rid of sugar. But he can maintain his sugar level within a limit to enjoy the good health. For a normal man, nine teaspoons of sugar can be taken per day. The women should restrict their sugar take within six teaspoons per day. For children, it is recommended to stay within 3 to 4 teaspoons per day.

How the sugar intake can be reduced?

Avoid the consumption of soft drinks, sport drinks and the packed items. Avoid taking deserts and candy. If the fruit is consumed in juice form, make sure it doesn’t have the added sugar. You may want to increase the whole fruit intake to reduce the added sugar intake and to benefit yourself with the increased fiber content. White flour breads can be replaced with whole grain brown bread which have low sugar quantity. As a substitute for sugar snacks, nuts, salads made of vegetables and naturally sweet fruits can be taken. Read the label to check the sugar level before taking any food. This will help to maintain the sugar intake.

What could be the other sugar alternatives?

There are various supplements available for you to control the amount of intake of sugar. You may want to try Now Foods Xylitol  a 100% natural sugar alternative which gives the same sweetness as that of the sugar. It is made of carefully chosen fruits.

The sugar substitute Now Foods Dextrose  is derived entirely from corn and Significant in the production of proteins and in lipid metabolism.

Jarrow Formulations Jarrow Xyli-Pure Xylitol Powder  has a naturally occurring polyol, a 5-carbon sugar alcohol Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Beneficial for Mouth and Ear Canal.

Enjoy the honey-like taste Stevita Stevia Liquid Extract; excellent to be added to your tea or any other liquid.

Stevita Simply-Stevia the pure stevia; no fillers or extras.

The American Heart Association suggests reducing the daily intake of sugar to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.


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  1. floe delizo says:

    thanks for this info…it could really help me a lot…especially now that my blood pressure is going up due to high sugar.

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