Allergy Symptoms, Causes and Signs

 The exaggerated reaction of our immune system in response to the contact of body with some foreign substances is called as allergy. Not all of these foreign substances cause harm. But few are dangerous and hence called as exaggerated reaction. Allergy producing substances are called as allergens.


 The allergy may affect various part of the immune system including eyes, nose, lungs, etc. Some of the symptoms which must be noted for allergy are pink eyes (redness or irritation in inner part of eye-lids), eczema (skin inflammation), hives (itches like may be caused due to allergy), Sneezing, difficulty in breathing, cramps, and vomiting. Depending on the body part involved, the severity of the reaction will vary. Self diagnosis of allergies with signs such as sneezing, asthma, itching, etc. will lead to misdiagnosis. Hence it is better to consult medical practitioner about the allergy signs before taking any medicines.


 Though there are various sources that cause allergies, food materials form the primary source. Depending on the source of allergens, allergies can be of different types as follows – Hay fever, hives, poison Ivy and plant allergies, bee sting allergy, pet allergies, latex allergy, mold allergy, cosmetic allergy, drug allergy, eczema, eye allergy, milk allergy, food allergy, shellfish allergy, fish allergy, nut allergy, egg allergy, fall allergy, soy allergy and so on. Different persons show allergy towards different substances. Since the way in which the body will react to these allergens cannot be predetermined, these reactions are called as unexpected changed reactivity.


Generally, these allergies will affect the children at the age of womb. The cause is actually the exaggerated immune system response. In normal immune system response, the foreign bodies (allergens) are eliminated. But in exaggerated, the overproduction of IgE due to the arrival of allergens will cause allergy. Proper treatment will help to overcome from these allergies. And the person can prevent himself by avoiding those allergens. One of the way by which one can avoid having allergy is by taking allergy tablets and nasal sprays. One of the tablet could be could be Source Naturals Allercetin. This tablet has Bio-Aligned Formula that utilizes natural homeopathic remedies for the treatment of allergies. Another one is Boericke & Tafel Allergiemittel Alleraide &Reg;-40 Tablets. This is clinically proven tablet to relieve a wide variety of allergic symptoms. 

The allergy may be caused due to various reasons and the severity of them depends on the type of the allergy. If left untreated some allergies will endanger the life too. Hence, to avoid such critical situation, it is necessary to consult an expert when the signs are visible.


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