Prevent Heat-Related Illness

The heat-related illness will occur when the temperature increases rapidly and the human body is unable to cool themselves by sweating. But sweating can’t be enough to avoid illness when there is non-constant increasing temperature. Excessive heat may damage the brain and other organs of the body.

The heat related illness includes heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, etc.


The most serious heat related illness is heat stroke. The body’s incapacity to cool itself when the body-temperature rises will result in heat stroke. It may cause permanent disability and even death. The symptoms of heat stroke includes high body temperature (>103 degree fahrenheit), dry skin without sweating, rapid and strong pulse, dizziness, nausea, confusion and unconsciousness.  One can help those by doing some precautionary steps and contact an expert as quick as possible.

The precautionary steps are:

* Move the affected person to a shady area.
* Cool the body temperature by placing them in a pool and reduce the temperature to 101-102deg.farancheit.
* Monitor body temperature of the affected.
* Avoid giving any fluid to drink
* If vomiting persists, be sure that the victim is in airy area.


Dislike heat stroke, heat exhaustion is a milder illness. After a number of days in high temperature, this type of illness will usually occur. It doesn’t depend on water intake.

The general symptom for this is high sweating. It will generally occur for aged people having high BP, and those who working in a very hot environment. Their hands will be smooth and cool. The heart beat will be fast and weak. It will be converted to heat stroke if not treated.

If the victim has BP or heart related problems, he has to consult a doctor immediately. Else if the symptom lasts for more than one hour, they have to undergo treatment. The measures that can be taken are: taking shower bath or sponge bath, drinking non-alcoholic beverages, and putting light-weight clothes.


Heat cramps affect those who have enormous sweating while demanding activity. This sweating will result in loss of body salt and mineral through sweating. The symptoms of heat exhaustion include painful cramps particularly in the abdomen, arms or legs. Taking proper treatment will help to overcome from this.

There is also another way by taking tablets and applying lotions or preventing heat cramps and heat exhaustion.

Alba Botanica Hawaiin Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion – This lotion is exotic and aromatic, the natural acids in coffee soften skin and revitalize circulation, while caffeine and green tea help neutralize free-radical damage due to sun over-exposure.

All Terrain Kidsport Spf 30 Water/Sweat Resistant Sun Screen – This has SPF 30 that is is designed specifically for both dry land and watersports, providing high protection for active children against sunburn under the most extreme conditions.

Kiss My Face Oat Protein Sun Screen Spf 18 – This is a combination of combines Oat Protein and Oat Beta Glucan, a dynamic duo of patented ingredients that helps you reduce irritation and inflammation and also fight against damaging free-radicals as they lubricate and moisturize your skin.

Since heat-related illness is preventable, people must be aware of the symptoms and should take treatment without delay.


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