Trans Fat Vs Saturated Fat

Low fat consumption is recommended for healthy life. But fat cannot be avoided completely. Fat adds taste to the food and is essential for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. They are main source of energy. There are two types of fat – trans fat and saturated fat. The complete knowledge about trans fat and saturated fat will help to maintain our fat consumption.

Sources of trans fat and saturated fat

There are several sources from which saturated fats are derived. Palm kernel oil and coconut palm are some of their plant sources. Animal products such as egg, meat and dairy products also form their sources. Trans fat are also referred as hydrogenated fat. They are produced by process called partial hydrogenation. They are present naturally in small quantity in dairy products and beef.

Role of Trans and saturated fat in immune system

For protecting the body against some type of bacteria and viruses, the immune system requires the saturated fat. On the other hand, trans fat reduces the efficiency of immune system thereby makes the gateway for various type of diseases. Insulin binding is not inhibited by saturated fat. But insulin binding is inhibited by trans fat which will result in diabetes.

Necessity of saturated fat for good health

Consumption of saturated fat will increase the HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is called as good cholesterol and is required for the body. Trans fat consumption will reduce this cholesterol level in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for normal body functioning are conserved in tissues by saturated fat whereas trans fat will make the omega-3 fatty acids to be lost by the tissues. Inflammation of arteries will occur if C-reactive protein level increases. Trans fat will increase this C-protein level whereas saturated fat will control its level. Lipoprotein blood level is lowered by saturated fat and raised by trans fat. Saturated fat will not interrupt the functions of enzymes but trans fat will act as hindrance for some of the enzyme functions.

Recommendation for Trans and saturated fat consumption

Though saturated fat provides some health benefits, it also increases the bad cholesterol level as trans fat. So, only required amount of saturated fat should be consumed. It is better to avoid food items which are high in trans fat. Always prefer foods that are free from trans fat.


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