The Real Reasons Why People Don’t Like to Exercise

Are you sick of hearing why you need to exercise? Do you find yourself searching for ways to motivate yourself to exercise or lose weight? Do you have a gym membership but haven’t used it in years?

Everyone knows that exercise is good for us but why is it that we avoid it or make every excuse to get out of it? We know that it reduces stress, helps us live longer, and reduces our chances of disease but that still doesn’t get the population moving from the couch.

The real reason why people don’t like to exercise is because humans seek pleasure and will do almost anything to avoid pain.

Exercise and gyms have come a long way but somewhere along the line you may have subconsciously associated exercise or the gym environment with emotional or physical pain, discomfort, embarrassment, or a place of judgement. That experience has lived inside of you and changing it is not that easy.

How to Find Pleasure in Fitness:

When you find pleasure in fitness because you enjoy the program, the instructor, the results, and the environment, exercise becomes something you will look forward to.

Exercise should be an enjoyable experience. It is about movement, learning, making friends, enjoying the music, and overall having a great time.

So let’s figure out how you too can learn to love exercise!

1. Find a Fun Activity! Ask yourself what activities do you enjoy that require movement? If you are just starting out, look for things that get you off the couch and moving such as dancing, walking with friends, swimming, kayaking, golfing etc.

2. Make a list of 5 activities you have always wanted to try that don’t involve the television, car or workplace. If you have always wanted to do something like learn a sport, take dance lessons or learn to swim, not only will you be exercising but you will be learning in the process which takes away from the thought that exercise is painful.

3. Avoid the frustration of not knowing what to do at the gym. Hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions can teach you life long skills that will increase your confidence in a gym setting and show you how to train without pain or injury while seeing great results.

4. Find a Fitness Studio that You Like: If you have friends that are enjoying a fitness studio ask to join them. Trying something new can be a little scary at first but try it out and see if you like it. If you don’t like the facility try another one. Keep trying out places until you find a fitness facility that makes you feel comfortable, welcome and fits your personality.

5. Learn to Love the Results: Seeing results is the motivation that keeps you going in an fitness program. Trust in the process and allow 4-8 weeks to see changes. Once you start to see how fitness can make you feel, you will become more motivated to succeed. Remember that when you act you create motivation, if you wait for the motivation to come, you will be waiting a long time.

Final Thoughts

Exercise encompasses many types of activity from sports to the gym to taking ballet classes for the first time as an adult. The key to your success is trying something new that gets your excited to move and be active. As your fitness level increases, so will your ability to train harder. Keep increasing your intensity and eating healthy and you will continue to see results.

Resource: Inner Fit Studios , a facility where people learn that exercise is fun, playful and enjoyable. You get results, make friends and look forward to working out.


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One Response to The Real Reasons Why People Don’t Like to Exercise

  1. Top Doctors Labs says:

    Thanks for the ideas. Yes, we are humans and we only like self-pleasure no matter what. This is also why we like to eat candies and sweets so much more than vegetables or grains. If we keep ourselves motivated, our diet or exercising will become our best friends!
    Learn to love the results. Every hard job brings a great result!

    Daniela Castillo
    Top Doctors Labs

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