Juicing and Green Smoothies

Over the last 30 plus years, science has built a solid base of research to confirm what our mothers have been telling us for generations, “Eat your fruits and veggies”. In the beginning they were credited as cancer-fighting foods. More recently when scientists began compiling the latest Harvard-based Nurse’s Study and other long term diet studies, the evidence suggested the biggest payoff may be protection for the heart.

So just how many do you need every day? Research suggests 5-13 servings daily depending on how many calories you consume, the average being 9 servings (that’s 4.5 cups) of fruits and veggies.  I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a ton of produce!” or “I’ll never be able to eat all that!” Well I’ve got two great ways to make it easy for you to add all those fruits and veggies into your diet, Juicing and Green Smoothies.

Juicing and Green Smoothies make it possible to consume large amounts of fresh produce daily in a method that tastes good. The best part is they can be tailored to anyone’s taste buds. Freshly juiced raw fruits and vegetables contain a plethora of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals, and enzymes available for immediate assimilation by the body. This enables us to easily feel the difference fresh juices can make in our daily lives right away. Effects like more energy and an immune boost happen almost immediately, and over time the abundant nutrition may help to slow or even prevent many of today’s age related diseases.

A Green Juice fast is an especially great way to reboot and gently cleanse your entire body, giving your digestive system a rest, and letting your body use its energy for elimination, recovery, and healing. Please remember that many of the toxins being released are transported by the liver to the colon for elimination, so if your colon is sluggish you will reabsorb these toxins, which could temporally make you feel ill.  Since there is no fiber in juice you may need to supplement with an herbal bowel formula to keep things moving and avoid any discomfort.

So what are you waiting on?  Get Juicing!

1 head Romaine
1 bunch Parsley
1/2 head Celery
6 pieces Burdock Root
1 Green Apple
1 Pear
1 small Red Beet
Serves 2


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One Response to Juicing and Green Smoothies

  1. Great article
    I tried the recipe and it was great!
    Thanks for the tip and everyone reading this is advised to heed the lesson!! 🙂

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