Managing Cholesterol with Exercise

High cholesterol, known as hypercholesterolemia, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In the United States, more than 105 million people (that’s almost 50% of adults over age 20) suffer from elevated cholesterol.

Individuals who are sedentary, overweight or obese,
consume a diet high in saturated fat, have a family history of high cholesterol and/or are middle-aged or older, are at particularly high risk of hypercholesterolemia and subsequent cardiovascular complications.

The good news is that cholesterol levels can be improved with a little TLC, that is, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.

TLC consists of heart-healthy nutritional choices, weight reduction and increased physical activity. Being healthy is not just about body image. Rather it is the quality of life that you have now and that you want for your future. So remember you deserve a lot of TLC.

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One Response to Managing Cholesterol with Exercise

  1. Dacha Bahur says:

    High cholesterol levels can be checked by following a prescribed regimen including diet and exercise.

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