Prepare yourself for holiday fun

Give yourself a break and take a moment to think how you want to prepare yourself for holiday season so you can enjoy eating out with your friends, coworkers and families. See if you need to work on your fitness first. You may want to give an extra exercise or gym time to yourself.  If you are not active at all go ahead and join a gym today; no excuses to cheat yourself. Take care of your diet at the same time. You may want to lose at least 5-10 lbs before holidays.

Simple Steps that make difference:

  1. Get someone to take a photograph of you with your phone or camera on first day and write down the day and date! Do a head shot, a tummy shot and a full body shot.
  2. Measurements – Take Your Belly Button Circumference: Get a measuring tape and do your belly button circumference so you have a starting point and an ending point for your success.
  3. Think what you eat on daily basis. Pick a paper and pen and write down what you’re eating from morning till late night. List down all chips, sugar, alcohol, eating other, processed foods, breads, pasta, rice…etc
  4. Think what you have to eliminate from your daily diet and what needs to be added. Make some healthy choices. For first 15 days go for low sugar or no sugar diets (use 0 calorie sugar for your coffee), eliminate bread and add more lean meats, eggs and vegetables to your meals.  Low sugar protein shakes and low sugar and high protein bars are good for snack time. Eat three regular-sized protein rich meals with two snacks every day.
  5.  Avoid processed foods. If you eat out make the right choices and stay on track.
  6. Make a food list for coming 2 weeks what you want to include in your next 2 weeks, and plan your meals.
  7. No starvation, just make sure you eat right. Eat 3 regular sized meals and 2 snacks every day.
  8. Declare yourself in the Challenge and stay motivated
  9. Calorie Recommendations: Women should shoot for a range of 1500 – 1800 calories a dayMen should shoot for a range of 1800 – 2000 calories. Per day calorie recommendations vary depending on your size, gender, age and metabolism. Too few calories can slow down your metabolism.
  10. Drink enough water throughout the day. It will help to keep your stomach clean.
  11. Plan at least an hour physical activity every day. More activity means better results, and getting to your goal, faster.
  12.  Take a daily multivitamin with minerals, including potassium, magnesium and calcium, but without iron. Take your Omega 3’s and 6’s every day and a fiber supplement if necessary.
  13. Weight yourself every day. See how fast your weight is dropping if you are doing everything right.
  14. Get a photograph taken of you on the 15th day and compare it with the 1day picture, measure your belly button circumference, your right upper arm and right thigh again and compare with the 1 day measurements. You will find yourself healthier and better looking person and would be proud of yourself.

Maintain your fitness for life time:

You may want to stick to this diet and exercise routine for longer period if you still want to lose more weight. Once you are happy with your kick start weight loss goal, you can add fruits and dairy products to your diet. Brown whole-wheat bread can be added in limited amount but avoid the added sugar products and white bread for rest of your life. Stick to the good carbs and avoid deep fried foods. Get plenty of rest, eat right, take time for yourself. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while.

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