Weight Loss Tips

Q. How Do I Burn Off Belly Fat?
A. Belly fat is no different than the fat the sits on thighs, bums and arms. Some people are convinced if they just do sit ups every day they will burn off belly fat. The sad truth is, it takes more effort than crunches to burn off fat.

Body fat sits on top of your muscles. No matter how much muscle you have, it can still be disguised by body fat.

In order to burn fat, you have to participate in high intensity interval training activities that cause your body to release fat as a fuel source. Activities such as spinning, sprinting, boxing and strength training will easily burn off belly fat but you have to be eating “clean” to really see the results in your mid section.

Nutrition Tips: Eliminate high carb foods such as sugars, breads, pastas and treats and replace them with white fish, green vegetables, chicken and eggs. By eating clean you will eliminate a ton of salt and therefore see a 2-5 lb drop in your scale.

Free Fat Burning Program:
20 second sprints, 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times, take a 2 minute recovery and repeat 2-3 times. You can perform this interval on any piece of cardio equipment or outside. The intensity of the sprints needs to be high.

The Best Abdominal Exercise
Crunches are out and planks are in. It is time to save our back, focus on good form and develop your stomach muscles.

When performing planks, remember it is about the amount of tension you can create in the plank, not how long you can handle it. An elite athlete can only hold tension for a maximum of 60 seconds, therefore beginners should aim for 20 – 30 second planks and intermediates should aim for 30-45 second planks.

Q. How to Perform a Plank:
A. Begin with stomachs on the floor, shoulders over elbows. Before you begin, create tension in your stomach muscles – think about gathering your ribs to your hips. Slowly bring your stomach off the floor to your kneeling planks. Once on your knees, maintain tension and if you feel ready, progress to your toes.

Perform 20 second planks, 10 seconds rest X 8 sets. Repeat 2 – 3 times.

With the courtesy of http://www.innerfitstudios.com

You can also read the above article at: http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-weight-loss-tips.htm

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