How to Burn More Fat with High Intensity Interval Training

Define High Intensity Interval Training: Short, high-intensity interval workouts that bring your heart rate to it’s maximum and allow time for recovery between intervals.

“According to the American College of Sports Medicine, not only are more calories are burned in short, high intensity exercise, but cardiovascular improves can happen faster with something as simple as 30-Second Sprint Workouts.”

If you find yourself wasting time performing 30 to 60 minute cardio sessions 2-5 days a week and are not seeing results, it is time to make a drastic change in your training program and here is how you do it…

“We need to shift our client’s way of thinking – turning them into metabolic furnaces over a 24hr period, not just during their training session.” Carmen Bott, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Benefits of High Intensity Training – When you perform high intensity interval training in your workout, you can burn fat for up to 38 hours when performed correctly. When you perform long slow cardio sessions that do not challenge you, you stop burning fat as soon as the exercise comes to a halt.

How do you know you are performing a High Intensity Interval? Your heart rate is above or close to your maximum heart rate (220 -age), your breathing is heavy and uncomfortable, the weight you are lifting is heavy and challenges you (with correct form), and you are unable to talk.

Types of High Intensity Interval Training: HIIT can be performed through strength training and cardio training. Most people think it is just cardio training that HIIT’s are performed in but HIIT Strength exercises can greatly burn fat for a long period of time too.

Example High Intensity Strength Interval Circuit: Perform 4 Exercises in a circuit format, 4 sets of 10 reps, no rest, heavier loads (with proper form)…
SquatsWatch Video for Good Form Click Here…
Dead-liftsWatch Video for Good Form Click Here…
Push Up to Chest TapWatch Video for Good Form Click Here…
Bent Over Barbell RowWatch Video for Good Form Click Here…

Example High Intensity Cardio Interval Training:
Tabata Training Interval, Bring your heart rate as high as you can for 20 seconds, recover for 10 seconds and repeat 8 times. Perform 2-3 rounds using a variety of cardio, here are some cardio ideas:

  • Burpees
  • Squat Jumps
  • Running Sprints
  • Swimming Sprints
  • Skipping

Conclusion: The next time you go to workout, think about how you can increase your workout to burn fat for 24 hours. Get uncomfortable by lifting heavier with good form, jumping higher, running faster or trying a new cardio or weight exercise that challenges you. Staying comfortable is only about maintenance so let’s get uncomfortable and burn fat!

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