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What are Neurobics?

Neurobics are mental exercises, brain teasers, and puzzles that improve the brain’s performance. It is a fairly new word coined by some U.S. researchers about ways to get the brain activated with its own biochemical pathways. Making multi-sensory associations, and … Continue reading

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Why Go For Ecco Bella Products?

You surely know that lead is an environmental toxin we should avoid—but exposure is more critical with products we apply directly to our skin. As the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics stated, “Lead builds up in the body over time and … Continue reading

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Food Tips For Managing Your Blood Sugar

Avoid Starches: Starches are of little nutritional value. They convert to sugar. Your body stimulates too much insulin when you eat starches. Manufacturers are producing highly processed starches. If it is processed, don’t eat it. Processed foods often have harmful … Continue reading

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How Thyroid Health Affects Weight Gain?

Are you shocked to see the weighing machine show you the same weight as before in spite of your efforts to lose weight? Are your efforts in losing weight going in vain? Then, the problem might be just more than … Continue reading

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