What are Neurobics?

Neurobics are mental exercises, brain teasers, and puzzles that improve the brain’s performance. It is a fairly new word coined by some U.S. researchers about ways to get the brain activated with its own biochemical pathways. Making multi-sensory associations, and doing something novel that is important or engaging to you –these are the key conditions for a genuine Neurobic exercise.

To be neurobic, an exercise should do one or more of these:

Involve one or more of your senses in a novel context. For instance: Get dressed for work or take a shower with your eyes closed. Engage your attention and stand out from the background of normal activities so take your child, spouse or parent to your work for the day.

Break a routine activity in an unexpected, novel way and take a completely new route to work. Neurobics doesn’t need to be complicated, or require that you set aside special times. In fact, many simple brain exercises can be worked into your normal day.

The goal is to have the brain strengthened and energetic. Because an energetic mind is also good for fitness. I’m THINKING it sounds like a great idea.

You can also read the above article at http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-what-are-neurobics.htm

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