Go Green With Spring!

It is wake up time for all garden lovers with the arrival of spring. Spring is the busiest time for all garden lovers, who need to pull up their “pruners and clippers” before the weeds start growing. If you love gardening, the outdoor space of your house is waiting for you to be embellished with beautiful flowers and plants. Even if you are living in a condominium, you can use your balcony to quench your thirst for gardening with the following tips.

Plan’t’ It Out:
When you start something new, it is natural that you do not go into the complexities of it. The key is to be short and simple. In the same way, when it comes to gardening you need to keep it simple if you are an amateur in the gardening ‘field’. Choose a small quantity of plants that you wish to grow. Once you are able to plant those few perfectly, you can go ahead with adding more space. You can choose a mixture of beautiful blooms and functional vegetable plants if you are looking to start gardening. Two great flowers that you can plant in the beginning are tulips and gladiolus. You can also go for planting different types of herbs. You can add these herbs to your food to enhance its flavor.

Identify The Space:
It is important for your plants to get good sunlight. Hence, you need to select that space of your balcony wisely. There may be plants that do not need much sunlight and then there may be plants that need sunlight whole day. Take a trip to your local gardening store to get some tips on plants that can survive in shady and sunlit environments.

Try At Different Levels:
What I mean here is you can place your plants at different levels. Some could be hanging; some might be placed on a table and some on the ground. This way you will be creating a mini garden. Those lovely green baskets will be amusing and peaceful to your senses as you view them from your reading or bedroom. You can place all herbs on a table so that you can easily collect them. If you want you can also get railing planters so that your patio is adorned with greenery from top to bottom.

Invest Time To Look After Them:
It would be a waste of time if you are just planting the trees and not taking out time to care for them. You should set aside some time everyday to nurture those saplings in your home garden. Like we humans need vitamins and nutrients apart from food and water, the plants also need nutrients to grow and nourish. Feeding them with appropriate plant food or manure, apart from daily watering, is important to keep your patio, balcony or courtyard evergreen.

In the conclusion, it can be said that maintaining the planted trees is as important as planting them. Giving them proper food, sunlight and, if needed, fertilizers can help you convert that empty space in your patio into a lush green pathway.

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