Green’N’Pack Eco-Friendly Bags – An Affordable And Conscious Choice

J-Trend Systems, Inc. is engaged in the creation and global marketing of eco-friendly, non-toxic, food-contact-compliant, controlled-life plastic products that are designed to turn plastic into a material that has a completely different molecular structure that is bio-assimilated in the open environment, similar to the decomposition of a leaf. Independent scientific tests confirm that Green’N’Pack products are designed not to pollute the Earth with plastic litter, toxic residue and methane gas.

When traditional biodegradable bags decompose they release methane, which creates greenhouse gases.

Product Features And Benefits
By engineering the material on a molecular level, Green’N’Pack eco-friendly bags will decompose in an open environment, much like a leaf will. Green’N’Pack eco-friendly bags replace traditional plastics bags at little add-on cost. Other biodegradable bags on the market release methane gas, a major contributor to greenhouse gases, when they break down. Methane traps 21 times the heat that carbon dioxide does!

Green’N’Pack Eco-Friendly Bags utilize controlled-life plastics technology that is fully tested and certified. Green’N’Pack eco- friendly bags are just as durable and reusable as traditional plastic bags. They can even be recycled.

With the courtesy of J-Trend Systems, Inc.

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