May as Celiac Disease Awareness Month

A note from Sally Malanga the founder of Ecco Bella

Who would have thought that wheat could cause such a health problem? It’s been found that, in America, 1 of every 133 people has celiac disease, and more than 16 percent have some degree of gluten sensitivity.

Those numbers had more impact when they hit close to home. We addressed this issue more than 10 years ago, after we learned that one of our staffers had sensitivity to gluten. We realized that many of our customers must also suffer from these effects, and we set about eliminating gluten from our product line. We replaced all wheat protein with ingredients derived from soy or rice, which have the same wonderful properties for conditioning the skin and hair.

Every day we are reminded of how our customers depend on us for safe and effective gluten-free beauty products. Ecco Bella has been a friend and a resource for fabulous natural and organic beauty products for everyone. These are just some of the ways our philosophy prioritizes respect for the planet, animals, and the well-being of Ecco Bella customers.

In recognition of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, we want to remind you that all of Ecco Bella’s products are also gluten-free.

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