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Wild Yam Cream: A natural balancing cream made with fresh whole Mexican wild yam root. Paraben-free, diosgenin-rich, Wild Yam Cream is a natural balancing cream that counteracts the uncomfortable symptoms that occur during menopause, perimenopause and PMS.

At Last Natural’s Wild Yam Cream is made with their proprietary blend of whole wild yam root to ensure peak potency and high quality. This cream contains a 10% extract of wild yam root and is enriched with nourishing vitamin E.

Wild Yam Vaginal Replenishment Gel: Natural vaginal dryness relief is here. At Last Natural’s Wild Yam Vaginal Replenishment Gel is a safe, non-irritating, water-based formula enriched with vitamin E that helps restore a woman’s natural lubrication.

Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel: A Diosgenin-rich wild yam extra strength gel for women who require a higher concentration of wild yam root than their Wild Yam Cream.

Made with a 12% proprietary extract, this balancing gel is ideal for combating the most stubborn menopause, perimenopause and PMS symptoms. A proprietary blend made from whole Mexican wild yam root cut and extracted at the peak of freshness to insure high quality and potency.

Meno Herbs 2: Fight mood swings, hot flashes, bone density loss and other distressing menopausal issues with Meno-Herbs 2. Get herbal menopause support in each tablet containing a cutting-edge, proprietary blend of ten botanicals. Meno Herbs 2 provides an excellent source of isoflavones plus a range of important herbs traditionally recognized to provide menopausal support and comfort to the female system during times of imbalance. Gluten-free.

MSM Soap- Herbal Moisturizing Bar: At Last Natural’s MSM Soap is a superior herbal moisturizing soap that also contains aloe vera, botanical extracts and vitamins A, C and E. It produces a rich, creamy lather that cleanseswithout harshness or dryness. MSM Soap is pH neutral, hypo-allergenic and contains no preservatives. Natural essential oils of orange have been added to MSM Soap- Herbal Moisturizing Bar for a fresh, light scent.

With the courtesy of At Last Naturals.

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