Caribbean Solutions

Beach Colours Natural Self Tanner: Rated one of the best natural self tanners by Skin Deep, Beach Colours Natural Self Tanner colors skin naturally using DHA from sugar cane surrounded with natural moisturizers.

Faces Only SPF20: Advanced facial cream that fights aging and protects from UV rays using Hawaiian Sea Plant extracts; natural moisturizers and Titanium and Zinc oxide.

Kukui Body Silk: Ultimate moisturizing cream that releases moisture into the skin on a time release basis using organic Aloe; Kukui oil; squalene oil from olives; rosehips oil and more.

Island Essence Tropical Mist Shampoo: This shampoo is free of sodium sulfates and contains NO parabens; NO artificial coloring.

Island Essence Tropical Mist Shampoo may strengthen and fortify the hair follicles and leave hair with a natural luster and soft feel.

SolGuard SPF25: Using Natural Titanium and Zinc Oxide, SolGuard SPF25 provides total Broad Spectrum Protection. It has been rated as one of the best sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group.

With the courtesy of Caribbean Solutions.

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