Dr. Ken’s All Natural, All Good Oral Care Products

Dr. Ken’s Wintergreen Toothpaste: Dr. Ken’s, the dentist-developed, all natural toothpaste is the only toothpaste you will find with green tea extract (which is an antioxidant that fights bacteria, plaque, bad breath and gum disease).  Dr. Ken’s Wintergreen Toothpaste with sensational tasting wintergreen flavor toothpaste is fluoride free and contains no animal ingredients, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. Dr. Ken’s Spearmint Super Whitening Toothpaste, Fluoride-Free: This dentist-developed all natural toothpaste with green tea extract uses Papain (naturally whitens teeth) and silica (stain removal) to  offer super white teeth.

Dr. Ken’s Spicy Cinnamon Toothpaste: This fluoride free, spicy  cinnamon all natural toothpaste with green tea extract tingles your taste buds, freshens breath and whitens teeth using natural antioxidants. It has been developed by a dentist.

Orazyme Dry-Mouth Mouthwash: Features a total of 7 natural oral enzymes in a bio-active delivery system. Orazyme is designed to inhibit the “bad” bacteria in your mouth using the 7 naturally occurring enzymes. The film-forming moisturizing agents help restore overall moisture balance and maintain healthy bacterial balance similar to a healthy mouth.

By restoring that bio-balance, the mouth is better prepared to self-repair common dry mouth irritations such as dryness, stickiness, bad breath, and mouth sores. It is also available in an on-the-go spray form as well. With the courtesy of Dr. Ken’s All Natural, All Good Oral Care Products.

With the courtesy of Dr. Ken’s All Natural, All Good Oral Care Products

You can also read the above article at http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-dr-kens-all-natural-all-good-oral-care-products.htm

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