Ultra Glandulars

Raw Brain: Brain – a mass of nerve tissues, connected to the spinal cord, surrounded by three layers of membranes called meninges. Brain cells, with the spinal cord, are interwoven into a complex relay system which collects, stores and sends out sensations and information.

Each area of the brain is responsible for the control of a particular part of the body, or a particular group of sensations or impulses. Specialized receptor cells collect data about our environment and feed the information to the central nervous system where it is sorted out, filed or acted upon. The brain is not entirely electrical but in part chemical. The memory depends in part on RNA. Cerebral accident or stroke can temporarily impair or totally destroy entire functions of the nervous system. Cerebrovascular insufficiency leading to stroke compresses the most common brain disease. Use of Raw Brain tissue has been useful in some instances.

Raw Heart: Heart: a powerful hollow muscle which is the central pump of the circulatory system. It supplies the body with a given amount of blood at certain pressures. Pressure is not the same on the left side and right side of the heart. It is this very difference in pressure which must be precisely maintained. When some disease or malfunction alters the normal intake, and outflow of blood is encumbered, the heart is not able to supply the body’s various organs with the necessary amount of quality blood. The resulting critical condition can lead to heart attack. Use of Raw Heart assists in strengthening these conditions.

Raw Pineal: The Pineal gland located near the lower part of the brain works as an inhibiting factor for the endocrines. It is known to control or influence the secretion of epinephrine, norepinephrine and serotonin. The pineal gland secrets the hormone melatonin, which is concerned with pigmentation and development of the sex organs. The use of Raw Pineal has favorable results in maintaining the integrity of this gland.

Raw Liquid Liver Extract: Raw liquid liver extract is by far the most potent of all liver supplements. It is a superb source of iron necessary for the production of hemoglobin, a major protein found in red blood cells. Raw liquid liver extract contains high amounts of B-12, vital to the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow and the health of the central nervous system. Raw Liquid Liver Extract is water soluble, fat and cholesterol free, encapsulated in its free form for optimum utilization.This anti-fatigue combination is a vigorous blood builder that contributes enormously to energy production. It is used by children, on-the-go professionals, homemakers, senior citizens and the physically challenged and it is 100% pure.

Raw Lymph: The body’s lymphatic system is an interconnected series of glands, spaces and ducts carrying lymph. Lymph contains white blood cells which combat bacteria. It filters out infectious matter and other debris from the tissue and acts as the body’s defense against the spread of infection. Circulation of lymph depends on the movement of body muscles. The use of Raw Lymph tissue has been known to support a weakened condition.

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