Klear Glass Tea Bottle Sun:
Enjoy hot loose leaf tea on the go with glass Kerplunk Klear thermal bottles with built in tea leaf filter. Scoop in your favorite loose leaf tea and pour in boiling hot water. Snap in the loose leaf tea filter. Klear Glass Tea Bottle Sun comes with patented double wall glass design and leak proof top will keep your tea hot for hours.

Klear Glass Single Wall Paisley:
Glass bottles for cool drinks. Klear Glass Single Wall Paisley helps you conserve with style and save money by avoiding single serve plastic bottled water. Glass means there is no flavor transfer and no BPA. Did you know tap water is safer and healthier to drink than most bottled water.

Koffee Mug, Fuchsia:
Thermal stainless steel travel mugs ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Koffee Mug, Fuchsia is ideal for coffee or tea. Easy to clean, easy to open, Kerplunk Koffee fits all car cup holders and will keep your drink hot for hours. Koffee Mug, Fuchsia is BPA free.

Kidz Sippy Nature Sun:
Safe stainless steel baby sippy bottles. BPA free and durable, these bottles are leak-proof top, easy grip handles. Disassemble the top for easy cleaning. 3 playful designs. Note: Kerplunk Sippy bottles are single wall steel design because your children don’t drink hot coffee or tea, which is the only benefit of thermal (double wall).

Never leave a sippy bottle out of the refrigerator for prolonged periods of time, particularly for beverages other than water, like juice and milk. Double wall bottles offer a false sense of security and increase the risk of bacteria build-up.

Water Bottle Stainless Steel Sakura Rose:
Style meets function. Conserve with style and save money by avoiding single serve plastic bottled water. Water Bottle Stainless Steel Sakura Rose is reusable, lightweight stainless steel, no flavor transfer, no BPA.

Tip: To get the best drinking water, fill your Kerplunk bottle at night and leave it in the refrigerator overnight with the top off. All the chlorine will evaporate from the water. In the morning you will have the freshest, cleanest and healthiest drinking water….for free!!

With the courtesy of Kerplunk.

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