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Ancient Spice Saffron: The ancient spice saffron has been revered for centuries for its health promoting properties and distinct flavor.The active compound (crocin) may be a healthy addition to the diet for individuals with neuro-degenerative disorders, memory loss, low libido, inflammation, obesity and arthritic conditions. It may assist in the maintenance of cholesterol levels already within a normal range. Ancient Spice Saffron has been made from clinically tested  Saffr’Activffron Extract with Saffr’ Activ 88.5mg.

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus Tea (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) has been used for centuries for its health promoting properties. It has a tart-cranberry like flavor and may be sweetened to taste. Hibiscus Tea contains organic acids, tartaric acid as well as polysaccharides and flavonoids.

Brown Seaweed Plus: Brown Seaweed Plus, naturally containing Fucoxanthin, is a synergistic blend of the finest quality of brown seaweed and organic green tea extract. It is designed to support healthy blood sugar. Brown Seaweed Plus is also suggested to have immune stimulating properties aiding in immune health and as a dietary supplement may aid in weight reduction.

Artichoke Leaf: Artichoke leaf (Cynara Scolymus) has been traditionally used as a diuretic and digestive aid. Recent studies indicate that Artichoke Leaf may assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, support weight loss, and contribute to overall health.

Ultimate African Mango: Grown in Western Africa, the real treasure of the African Mango tree lies in its nuts and is also known as ogbono. Extracts from the ogbono nut are high in protein and fiber and can be valuable additions to a healthy lifestyle. Due to the high fiber content of Irvingia gabonensis, African Mango supplements may help with weight loss by stimulating the body’s natural metabolism and by acting as an appetite suppressant. African Mango may also help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Ultimate African Mango contains a unique formula that combines the weight-loss properties of the African Mango with the plyphenols and antioxidants of green tea extracts. Together, these natural supplements may assist with weight loss as well as support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women or persons taking medication
should consult a healthcare practitioner before using an herbal beverage.

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