Ridgecrest Herbals

ClearLungs: As the number one best selling lung product nationwide, ClearLungs original formula is sure to help maintain free breathing, keep airways open and mucus levels normal. ClearLungs is a Chinese herbal formula and is used to help strengthen and support the lungs under any lung or respiratory related conditions.

ClearLungs Extra Strength: It contains the same Chinese herbs found in the original ClearLungs formula combined with Homeopathic lung decongestants. ClearLungs Extra Strength is designed to help maintain free breathing, keep airways open, sustain normal mucus levels and support overall lung health.

LiverClean: LiverClean is an herbal formula designed to help cleanse and strengthen the liver as well as the gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas. LiverClean can be used periodically for cleansing purposes or regularly as needed.

Migraine Relief: A homeopathic remedy with herbal support to help fight both symptoms and causes of all major headache types including: migraines, tension/stress induced, hormonal, sinus, cluster, ocular, toxin/medication related, and more. Migraine Relief helps soothe, comfort, relax the mind and body and provide safe and effective pain relief. You may take Migraine Relief as needed or regularly for prevention.

UTIntensive: UTIntensive is just that: one of the most intensive, fast acting, and effective natural urinary tract formulas available!  UTIntensive contains herbs and nutrients that help promote healthy urine flow, reduce bacteria adherence, and maintain urinary tract health. PACran®, one of the main ingredients included in UTIntensive, is known as the world’s highest and strongest antioxidant rich cranberry.

With the courtesy of Ridgecrest Herbals.

You can also read the above article at http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-ridgecrest-herbals.htm

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