St Claire’s

St. Claire’s Fruit Tart Candy with Acerola Berry Vitamin C: Certified organic, allergen-free, vegan. St. Claire’s Fruit Tart Candy is purely delicious.

Sweet Peach Tarts: Ahhh, Georgia Peach with a tart twist, a summertime favorite taste! Sweet Peach Tarts are low glycemic and low carb treats.

Raspberry Tarts: Rockin’ Raspberry Tarts, a delicious way to
celebrate summer! Raspberry Tarts are Feingold approved.

Tangerine Tarts: Tangerine Dreams, tart and tangy! Tangerine Tarts derives colors from real fruits and vegetables.

Watermelon Tarts: Wild,Wacky Watermelon Tarts, kids love this flavor. All flavors have Acerola Berry Vitamin C.

Sour Lemon Tarts: Ha! Lemonade in a candy! You will love these Lemon Tarts.

With the courtesy of St. Claire’s.

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