Pet Naturals of Vermont

Agility DMG is your dog’s biggest cheerleader.This training aid contains DMG, an amino acid derivative that supports stamina and oxygen utilization, providing everyday support for dogs’ peak performance. DMG also supports cellular processes that produce important bodily substances like neurotransmitters, hormones and ATP, all of which support dogs’ ability to focus, concentrate and perform.Through offering support for the circulatory system, Agility DMG also supports the break-up of lactic acid in the body, contributing to recovery.

L-Lysine for cats is a highly palatable, chicken liver-flavored chew that cats love. Lysine, an amino acid, supports the ideal health of cats through supporting tissue and respiratory and ocular health. Each delicious L-Lysine chew contains 250mg of L-Lysine to support everyday feline well being.

With the courtesy of Pet Naturals of Vermont.

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