Dr. Rose’s Remedies

The Evolution of Dr. Rose’s Remedy Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions!

Dr. Rose DiLeva is a conventionally trained veterinarian who began her
journey at the University of Pennsylvania. Since opening her practice, first as a mobile vet and then as a stationary one in Chadds Ford, PA, Dr. Rose has continued her training, but in alternative modalities. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and chiropractitioner with heavy emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, herbology and chiropractic modalities. In her practice she saw a need for a natural and safe alternative to steroids to help the plethora of skin issues she was seeing. With her training in Herbology, she knew just what to do! She researched Chinese, American and Indian herbs, many of which she was already using in her practice, and began developing her Healing Salve.

Dr. Rose started out in her kitchen, making different batches with different ingredients, testing out what worked better than before. That led to Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment and the Healing Salve and Spray that promote rapid and complete healing of skin ailments. There are two variations of the same amazing product, and both heal innumerable skin issues. The best part is, it’s all-natural! Once the salve is on the affected area, if the animal licks it (or even your kids touch it) it’s perfectly safe!
The ingredients are all natural and most are well known for their healing properties.

Neither product contains any artificial colorings or preservatives, and both are steroid and
gluten free! To list all the issues the Healing Salve and Spray help with would take too long.
Suffice to say, both products are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic, as well as, anti-hemorrhagic and anti-inflammatory. They also cool and nourish the skin, heal burns, lacerations, and surgical incisions. Both the Salve and the Spray help with hotspots, interdigital dermatitis, insect bites, rain rot and itching!

The uses for these products are truly endless! Dr. Rose’s Remedies are a must in
every first aid kit, travel or show kit, grooming kit and vet’s office.

With the courtesy of Dr. Rose’s Remedies.

You can also read the above article at http://www.healthsuperstore.com/health/v-dr-roses-remedies.htm

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