Gaia Skin Naturals

It all began in Australia back in 2002 with the launch of GAIA natural baby.

Little Joshua was born with sensitive skin and developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. His mom tried numerous skin care products, even the natural ones, and most of them just made his eczema worse. When she was told cortisone was her only option, she set about finding a safe and natural way to care for his skin. Studying aromatherapy, she learned how to make her own skincare and began making her own herbal infusions on the stove. With persistence she finally found a way to cleanse, soften and care for Josh’s skin, which lead to the commercial development of GAIA natural baby-pure, natural, organic skincare specifically targeted to be moisturising and free from harsh soap, sulphates, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrochemicals, lanolin, phthalates and animal ingredients. Not only are the products tailored for sensitive skin, they are bursting with certified organic ingredients to minimize dryness, calm sensitivities and provide gentle care for your baby at bath time and beyond.

Choose from non-drying cleansers, skin softening moisturizers, natural baby wipes, and a soothing lotion for use on skin irritations and at diaper change time. GAIA will leave baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth, and thanks to the specially formulated organic pure essential oil blends, they will smell divine too! Research indicates many parents prefer to use natural alternatives and are more educated about products and their ingredients.This has seen a demand for GAIA to produce adult skincare: GAIA pure pregnancyGAIA Skin+Body and GAIA made for men are now fast becoming popular brands in Australia.

With the courtesy of Gaia Skin Naturals.

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