Good Clean Love: Make Love Organic!

All-natural organic ingredients, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no glycerin, cruelty-free/vegan and recommended by medical professionals nationwide and use organic lubricants. Good Clean Love’s water and aloe based lubricants are made to support the body’s natural moisture production. 95% organic ingredients, long lasting glide with no sticky cleanups, safe for latex, toys and use throughout pregnancy.

Available in 3 delicious flavors:

All-natural Love Oil
Aphrodisiac love oils activate the arousal mechanism through scent and touch. They change your brain chemistry while you kiss, heightening your natural pheromones and creating a sensuous bridge between you and your partner. Responds to individual pheromones and body chemistry, and great for sensuous massage.

Available in 3 inviting scents:

All-natural Body Candy
This unique oral pleasure balm adds an alluring dimension to every kiss and invites curiosity in intimate oral play. Stimulates the arousal  mechanism through scent and touch. Enhances all your kissable parts, extending foreplay and revitalizing the art of kissing.

Available in 3 delicious flavors:

Good Clean Love is proud to offer organic and natural products to support the healing power of love and intimacy. Our mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships. Our products provide healthy alternatives to the petrochemical and paraben-laden intimacy products currently on market. Good Clean Love product formulations are designed to support the body with the highest quality ingredients to bring the passion and vitality back to your intimate life. Hundreds of medical studies confirm that a vital sex life leads to a longer and happier life, a stronger immune response, better heart health and a reduction in chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Good Clean Love is also the only brand of intimacy products offering a trusted source of education and advice on sexual health and relationships for millions of readers and listeners.

With the courtesy of Good Clean Love.

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