The leading brand of alkaline enhancers and the top choice of wellness experts
and health enthusiasts around the world Renowned scientist and inventor Sang Whang developed the first pH water booster, a patented alkaline mineral supplement, for the human body in 1992 after researching health issues related to acidosis, a condition characterized by excessive acidity in the body. Left unchecked, acidosis can cause serious long-term health issues if the acid-alkaline balance is not properly restored.These issues include loss of bone density, high blood pressure, inflammation, accelerated aging and increased risk of degenerative disease in general.

Today, Alkalife products continue building on the science of pH balance for a new
generation seeking health, wellness and longevity. Alkalife’s three core products play an
important role in keeping the body free from accumulated acidic waste.

Alkalife® booster drops: The original and only patented pH booster, Alkalife turns ordinary drinking water into alkaline water. Alkalife helps reduce excess acid in the body by replenishing bicarbonates and helping the body achieve proper pH balance.

Bicarb-Balance®Tablets Enteric-coated with a time-release compound and dissolve in the intestine for maximum absorption of bicarbonate into the bloodstream. Bicarb-balance patented formulation of potassium and sodium is designed to help the body achieve proper pH balance.

e-Cal®Tablets Contain calcium carbonate powder with a time-release compound and
enteric coating. They are intended for those with low bone density condition. e-Cal tablets are also a good option for people who cannot tolerate potassium and/or sodium.


  • Sports performance
  • Increases hydration and energy
  • Enables peak physical performance
  • Helps with elimination of lactic acid buildup
  • Helps body better adapt to altitude conditions
  • Improves delivery of supplements and nutrients
  • Detox and wellness
  • Helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream
  • Enables balanced pH levels within the body
  • Detoxifies and supports wellness
  • Provides support against degenerative disease
  • Improves the immune system of the body

Actual comments from Alkalife customers:

“Alkalife is the only pH adjuster I have used that works… I don’t go a day without this product.”
“If you have issues with overacidity, this product truly helps.”
“Alkalife drops are super easy to use and very affordable.”
“Two drops of Alkalife in anything you drink and…poof…no more acidity. This is a must have.”
“Really works! Change your water, change your life.”

With the courtesy of Alkalife!

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