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Dr. Christopher’s Cap Formulas

Kidney Formula: Dr. Christopher’s Kidney formula supports the urinary system, specifically kidney and bladder health. Liver & Gallbladder: Dr. Christopher’s Liver & Gallbladder formula supports the proper function of the digestive system, particularly the liver and gallbladder. Lower Bowel: Dr. Christopher’s … Continue reading

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Bone Loss And You

What the newest research means for the health of your bones! It’s never too late to build bone, but it is also never too early. “When you think of bones, you might imagine a hard, brittle skeleton. In reality, your … Continue reading

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Joint Pain – Joint Stiffness – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

 Joint Pain People of any age group can get affected by joint pain. It affects the normal functioning of the body to a greater extent. It is necessary to understand its symptoms and causes to get effective treatment. Symptoms Chronic … Continue reading

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