Health Care Products – Products Designed To Help People Live Healthier Lives

Health Care Products, a division of Hi Tech Pharmacal, offers nutritional, homeopathic and science based products designed to help people live healthier lives.

Nasal Ease is the only homeopathic powder spray that relieves allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose. A leading seller in over 40 countries, now available in the U.S.! Its unique nasal powder spray delivery system has the benefit of no back-drip, no awful taste in the back of their throat. Nasal Ease contains no harmful zinc, is not habit-forming, has no rebound effect, and does not promote drowsiness. Nasal Ease is also safe to use in conjunction with OTC and Rx allergy medications.

MagOx 400 is the #1 doctor recommended elemental magnesium supplement. MagOx 400 is the most concentrated magnesium brand.You would need 8 tablets of the leading magnesium brand to get what only 2 tablets of MagOx deliver. It’s also sugar and gluten free. MagOx 400 has also been highly supported by the medical community for leg cramps, migraines and fatigue, as well as for the standard magnesium benefits.

Multibetic Vitamins is the #1 selling multivitamin formulated for those with diabetes! The Multibetic formula provides consumers with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and supplements shown in published research to be the most beneficial for adults with diabetes and people predisposed to diabetes.

Multibetic has been shown to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support normal vision/macular health and help promote nerve health and function, all vulnerable areas for those with diabetes.

Diabetiderm Foot Rejuvenating Cream is made especially for those with diabetes who suffer from extremely dry skin on their feet because of poor circulation. This dry skin can be a serious threat to their health, leaving them vulnerable to cuts and infections that can be hard to heal because of their condition.

Provides deep penetrating moisture to help even thick foot skin stay healthy and supple. The Diabetiderm unique formula contains L–Arginine HCL, to increase blood flow, and speed healing of dry skin.

With the courtesy of Health Care Products.

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Good Clean Love: Make Love Organic!

All-natural organic ingredients, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no glycerin, cruelty-free/vegan and recommended by medical professionals nationwide and use organic lubricants. Good Clean Love’s water and aloe based lubricants are made to support the body’s natural moisture production. 95% organic ingredients, long lasting glide with no sticky cleanups, safe for latex, toys and use throughout pregnancy.

Available in 3 delicious flavors:

All-natural Love Oil
Aphrodisiac love oils activate the arousal mechanism through scent and touch. They change your brain chemistry while you kiss, heightening your natural pheromones and creating a sensuous bridge between you and your partner. Responds to individual pheromones and body chemistry, and great for sensuous massage.

Available in 3 inviting scents:

All-natural Body Candy
This unique oral pleasure balm adds an alluring dimension to every kiss and invites curiosity in intimate oral play. Stimulates the arousal  mechanism through scent and touch. Enhances all your kissable parts, extending foreplay and revitalizing the art of kissing.

Available in 3 delicious flavors:

Good Clean Love is proud to offer organic and natural products to support the healing power of love and intimacy. Our mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships. Our products provide healthy alternatives to the petrochemical and paraben-laden intimacy products currently on market. Good Clean Love product formulations are designed to support the body with the highest quality ingredients to bring the passion and vitality back to your intimate life. Hundreds of medical studies confirm that a vital sex life leads to a longer and happier life, a stronger immune response, better heart health and a reduction in chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

Good Clean Love is also the only brand of intimacy products offering a trusted source of education and advice on sexual health and relationships for millions of readers and listeners.

With the courtesy of Good Clean Love.

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Gaia Skin Naturals

It all began in Australia back in 2002 with the launch of GAIA natural baby.

Little Joshua was born with sensitive skin and developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old. His mom tried numerous skin care products, even the natural ones, and most of them just made his eczema worse. When she was told cortisone was her only option, she set about finding a safe and natural way to care for his skin. Studying aromatherapy, she learned how to make her own skincare and began making her own herbal infusions on the stove. With persistence she finally found a way to cleanse, soften and care for Josh’s skin, which lead to the commercial development of GAIA natural baby-pure, natural, organic skincare specifically targeted to be moisturising and free from harsh soap, sulphates, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrochemicals, lanolin, phthalates and animal ingredients. Not only are the products tailored for sensitive skin, they are bursting with certified organic ingredients to minimize dryness, calm sensitivities and provide gentle care for your baby at bath time and beyond.

Choose from non-drying cleansers, skin softening moisturizers, natural baby wipes, and a soothing lotion for use on skin irritations and at diaper change time. GAIA will leave baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth, and thanks to the specially formulated organic pure essential oil blends, they will smell divine too! Research indicates many parents prefer to use natural alternatives and are more educated about products and their ingredients.This has seen a demand for GAIA to produce adult skincare: GAIA pure pregnancyGAIA Skin+Body and GAIA made for men are now fast becoming popular brands in Australia.

With the courtesy of Gaia Skin Naturals.

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Dr. Rose’s Remedies

The Evolution of Dr. Rose’s Remedy Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions!

Dr. Rose DiLeva is a conventionally trained veterinarian who began her
journey at the University of Pennsylvania. Since opening her practice, first as a mobile vet and then as a stationary one in Chadds Ford, PA, Dr. Rose has continued her training, but in alternative modalities. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and chiropractitioner with heavy emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, herbology and chiropractic modalities. In her practice she saw a need for a natural and safe alternative to steroids to help the plethora of skin issues she was seeing. With her training in Herbology, she knew just what to do! She researched Chinese, American and Indian herbs, many of which she was already using in her practice, and began developing her Healing Salve.

Dr. Rose started out in her kitchen, making different batches with different ingredients, testing out what worked better than before. That led to Dr. Rose’s Remedies Skin Treatment and the Healing Salve and Spray that promote rapid and complete healing of skin ailments. There are two variations of the same amazing product, and both heal innumerable skin issues. The best part is, it’s all-natural! Once the salve is on the affected area, if the animal licks it (or even your kids touch it) it’s perfectly safe!
The ingredients are all natural and most are well known for their healing properties.

Neither product contains any artificial colorings or preservatives, and both are steroid and
gluten free! To list all the issues the Healing Salve and Spray help with would take too long.
Suffice to say, both products are antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic, as well as, anti-hemorrhagic and anti-inflammatory. They also cool and nourish the skin, heal burns, lacerations, and surgical incisions. Both the Salve and the Spray help with hotspots, interdigital dermatitis, insect bites, rain rot and itching!

The uses for these products are truly endless! Dr. Rose’s Remedies are a must in
every first aid kit, travel or show kit, grooming kit and vet’s office.

With the courtesy of Dr. Rose’s Remedies.

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BabySpa – Pampered By Nature

BabySpa® introduces exclusive ECOCERT® Certified Ethnobotanicals and a new therapeutic outlook to natural baby skincare BabySpa Naturals presents a new and exciting approach to the baby bath and body care category with the introduction of new therapeutic ethnobotanical ingredients that target children’s changing skin care needs and promote healthy balanced skin. These blends merge Old World traditions with the latest advancements in baby skin care research to provide naturally balanced products that are wholesome, safe and innovative. BabySpa’s skin care approach was derived from years of extensive research and validated by expert dermatologists and renowned European labs.

Billed as the first stepwise approach to natural baby skin care, the BabySpa collections are
organized into a stages system with ingredients that specifically address the changing skin care needs of infants/toddlers as they grow and experience different environments and climatic changes. Stage One products are formulated for the extra-sensitive skin in newborns through crawlers, when babies’ skin is particularly vulnerable to their environment. Infused with the line’s signature fresh baby scent, this initial stage is meant to protect and heal irritations caused by sensitivities and to support a baby’s delicate skin balance. Stage Two products are formulated for walkers through preschoolers, providing proper moisture, long-lasting hydration and natural protection from UV rays and changing climatic conditions that affect the skin. Its uplifting citrus scent is a perfect match for curious and adventurous toddlers.

Inspired by therapeutic spa cultures, ancient traditions and luxurious body care rituals, each formulation combines exclusive blends of ECOCERT certified ethnobotanicals traditionally used by ancient Native Americans, vitamin-rich oils native to the Indonesian and Pacific Islands and patented Swiss moisturizers into an ingredient mix that is 98-100% natural. All BabySpa products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, PEGs, BPA and mineral oil. BabySpa’s manufacturing practices are environmentally sustainable/eco-friendly. with no animal testing.

With the courtesy of Babyspa.

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Vital Earth Minerals

Fulvic-Humic Blend: This 3 to 1 blend offers the ideal mix for people who are looking for a convenient and economical way to combine our key products, Humic Minerals, and Fulvic Mineral Complex. Humic is a more powerful chelator of larger toxic deposits, and is significant for correcting cellular anomalies, while Fulvic helps energize cells, enables reactions essential for normal healthy functions, and facilitates maximum metabolism of nutrients. This is the perfect daily maintenance formula that gently performs the special functions of both substances.


  • Balances hormones and enhance metabolism
  • Increases electrical energy of cells
  • Elevates healing functions
  • Equalizes blood sugar levels
  • Rejuvenates and repairs thyroid function
  • Detoxification
  • Increases daily energy
  • Improves mental clarity, concentration and moods
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Alkalizes and oxygenates
  • Promotes sound restful sleep

Humic Minerals: Humic extracts can be thought of as defenders of all biological mechanisms. Humic protects the body’s cells, accelerates healing processes, and disrupts oxidative stress. Humic does the big jobs within the body. It is more therapeutic than Fulvic and has a higher plant based mineral content. It naturally contains some of the most valuable nutrients known for counteracting malignant cell growth, and reversing many serious diseases.


  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances healing /reverses many diseases
  • Boosts immune system function Helps correct cellular mutations/abnormalities
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Powerful for healing digestive tract

Humic Caps: It offers the same benefits of Humic Minerals Liquid in convenient capsules.

Cal-Mag PLUS Chewables: These unique wafers were developed to fill a specific need in the marketplace that no other product satisfies.They’re a great “pre-treatment” before eating restaurant and processed foods loaded with toxins such as MSG, aspartame, food coloring, preservatives and chemical additives.

Take as needed, before, during or after the meal to counteract occasional headaches, mental fogginess, and changes in blood pressure caused by MSG, as well as digestive issues. The distinctive combination of Red Clover and Humic Minerals magnifies the formula’s ability to flush out and remove dietary toxins. They’re also remarkable for indigestion and heart burn, offering restorative long-term relief as opposed to the temporary effects of a simple antacid. Cal-Mag Plus Chewables that come in exciting berry and orange flavors, contain red clover, horsetail extract, boron , silica, calcium citrate, magnesium, vitamin D3  and humic minerals.

With the courtesy of Vital Earth Minerals.

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World Organic

World Organic Corporation, based in Huntington Beach, California introduces a new earth-friendly super concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll, adding to their already famous chlorophyll products.The new item is a 15:1 Liquid Concentrate with 100mg of chlorophyll in 1ml rather than their top selling liquid with 100mg in 15ml (1 tablespoon). Unique to World Organic is the Isotonic Solution for enhanced absorption, as well as the organic alfalfa in the product. This product is now offered as World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll 2 oz and World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll 4 oz. glass bottles, with droppers for those with pouring problems.

With the courtesy of World Organic.

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